Danielle Parton Husband Benny Mcclure and Family Life

Danielle and partner Benny are professional Master Distillers
Danielle and partner Benny are professional Master Distillers( Source : instagram )

Danielle Parton husband Benny Mcclure is a part of her company Shine Girl. Danielle Parton from Moonshiners is related to the legendary singer Dolly Parton.

The reality tv star is one of the most important cast members of the hit Discovery program Moonshiners.

Shows viewers have a different fan base for her and her family. Her family has a unique family history where they shut down illegal moonshine operations.

She has now decided to take over the family business and become a master distiller and one of the current stars in the Moonshiners community.

 Parton also has a new business venture known as Shine Girl, which was unveiled to her Instagram followers on January 6th.

Danielle Parton Husband Benny Mcclure

Danielle Parton husband Benny Mcclure is an expert Moonshiner. Benny is also known as Tater in the show.

Her partner is a master distiller who has spent several years learning the ins and outs of every step of the entire process. 

Mcclure was lucky enough to be born with the talent and as well as earned his place to be one of the tops in the business.

His family raised him in the multi-generational distillery and have spent their entire life in the same business.

He has learned every facet of their company, from bottling to warehousing to knowing how to run the entire distillery and make a good, consistent product. Making a perfect drink is in his DNA.

He and other contestants Amanda, and Richard compete to create the best spring using the finest ingredients available in the new episode of Moonshiners: Master Distiller.

Three competitors faced off in a series of challenges focused on making a specific type of spirit, including American whiskey, rum, gin, mountain brandy, and mezcal among others.

The couple during their show premier of Moonshiners
The couple during their show premier of Moonshiners( Source : facebook )

Beyond the necessary skill required to complete the challenges, these competitors proved their knowledge of the craft and demonstrate profound creativity as they convert raw local ingredients into authentic, handcrafted spirits that will impress the most seasoned distilling experts.

The champion of each episode will receive a limited release of their winning recipe through Sugarlands Distilling Co.

And after the competition ended, he won the challenge to become the Master Distiller. His wife also posted a picture of him congratulating on his win on Instagram.

He was also a contestant in the competition show Master Distiller Tournament of Champions.

Is Danielle Parton Related To Dolly Parton?

Yes, Danielle Parton is related to Dolly Parton. Danielle is the niece of the famous singer Dolly.

Although she has not become as well-known as her aunt, she has established herself as an entrepreneur.

She once posted a video of her aunt on Instagram with the caption, "My Aunt Granny (Dolly Parton) sure has wonderful taste in cocktails!!!,"

Danielle in an interview, also said that she is Dolly's niece and added. "Dolly is No. 4 of 12 kids. My dad, Bobby (not Robert), is No. 5. My Mom is Doris Noland Parton and was best friends with my Aunt Stella, No. 6, growing up," she wrote on the site.

That makes Dolly Danielle's aunt, which is pretty cool if you ask us.

Being related to each other, they have a very large family. Dolly's mother Avie lee was a mother of twelve by the age of 35.

While Danielle's family stayed back to take care of their family business, Dolly's family moved to Locust Ridge.

Dolly is an American singer and actress with a decades-long career in country music. She made a debut in 1967 with her album Hello, I'm Dolly.

Her legendary career has been for more than fifty years, and is described as a country music legend. She credits her parents for their support so that she can become the singer she is now.

She has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling female artists ever.

Parton has been indulged in many of the halls of fame. Her music has also been included in Rethe cording Industry Association of America certified gold, platinum, and multi-platinum awards.

How Old Is Danielle Parton From Moonshiners?

Danielle Parton is 46 years old as she was born on January 5, 1976. She is a hard-working, down-to-earth American who comes from a unique family. 

She is the 188th Wing's Head of Public Affairs. In 2014, she began flying the Airbus A320 family of airplanes for the biggest carriers in the globe.

On her Facebook page, Danielle frequently writes about her parents. Also active on Instagram, Parton uses the handle @shinegirlspirits.

She has over 3000 followers and has posted 179 photos. She recently posted a picture of her husband after his win on Master Distillers.

Danielle was once a part of the US Army before joining the TV show
Danielle was once a part of the US Army before joining the TV show( Source : instagram )

Danielle earned a BS in Business Administration from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1998. She is the first woman in her family to receive a college degree.

She served as a flight attendant for American Airlines and Southwest Airlines after graduating from college.

With Nashville's 188th Wing, Memphis' 164th Airlift Wing, and Louisville Kentucky's 123rd Airlift Wing, Parton was a pilot for the Air National Guard.

Parton became an aircraft commander in 2012 and has spent thousands of hours in the pilot seat. She flew the C-130 and C-5 planes worldwide and in war. 

She is also the recipient of the Combat Action Medal and the Air Medal and made the Commodore's list of flying excellence for undergraduate pilot training.

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