How Rich Is Daniel Kinahan Wife Caoimhe Robinson? Net Worth 2022 Of The Posh Celebrity Spouse

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Daniel Kinahan, a legendary Irish criminal and boxing promoter, is married to Caoimhe Robinson. Robinson's husband has been named a global leader in organized crime by the High Court of Ireland.

MTK Global was started in 2012 by Kinahan and Irish boxer Matthew Macklin in Marbella, Spain. Following that, he signed several high-profile boxers, including Tyson Fury.

Daniel is a well-known figure in the boxing world, and he is recognized for being Fury's counselor and matchmaker.

Daniel Kinahan Wife’s Net Worth 2022 

Due to her lack of public exposure, Caoimhe's net worth is unclear.

Caoimhe is the registered owner of two luxury properties in Dubai's Marina district, both in one of the world's most expensive real estate districts, it was recently disclosed.

A one-bedroom apartment in the Al Mesk tower, valued at €420,000, and a four-bedroom apartment in the Elite Residence Tower, are among the listings.

Several four-bedroom flats in the skyscraper are now on the market, with annual rental revenue estimates of around €70,000.

In 2020, the property was expected to be valued at €1.13 million.

Robinson married Kinahan in a spectacular ceremony attended by prominent international criminals in Dubai in 2017, after a long-term connection with dead gangster Michael 'Micka' Kelly. Since then, she has been headquartered in the Gulf state.

Daniel Kinahan Wife Caoimhe Robinson Age 

Daniel Kinahan's new wife, Caoimhe Robinson, appears to be between 25 and 30.

Unfortunately, a lot of information about her is still unknown; therefore, her exact age is uncertain.

Although they have been married since 2017, the couple is rarely in the spotlight. Apart from that, there isn't much information available on Robinson.

The lavish party drew some of the world's most dangerous drug lords and criminal gang leaders.

Furthermore, their wedding was held in Dubai's opulent seven-star Burj Al Arab, which was watched by international police detectives.

Daniel Kinahan Family Details

Christy, Daniel's father, is an Irish drug dealer convicted of ecstasy and heroin trafficking. Christy is claimed to be the Kinahan Cartel's founder and commander.

Jean Boylan and Christy Kinahan also raised Kinahan.

On the other side, Daniel Kinahan was previously married to Jean Boylan, whom he divorced in 2014. Daniel was tying the knot for the second time.

Daniel was charged with assault and denied bail by Dublin District Court in July of that year, but the charges were withdrawn in January of the following year, and he met his family and has lived a happy life ever then.

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