Dance For Me BET Plus Cast and Movie Review

BET Plus new movie Dance For Me is premiering on March 30.
BET Plus new movie Dance For Me is premiering on March 30.( Source : instagram )

Dance For Me BET Plus cast includes Kearia Schroeder, Gavin Houston and Jeremy Meeks in lead roles. The movie premiered on March 30, 2023.

The new thriller movie revolves around an exotic dancer named Isis Shaw. She is the mother of her young child Adam. Now, she seems to get into a new relationship but she has not told him any truth about her job. 

But the bar she works at is making her work on illegal activities. But can she get out of her situation while being pressured to complete the job that is given?

The movie has been directed by Chaz Echola and Damian Romay while the writer of the movie is Chaz Echola himself. Chaz is not only a director and writer for the movie, he is an actor.

Meet The Cast of Dance For Me On Bet Plus

Dance For Me BET Plus cast includes Kearia Schroeder, Gavin Houston, Jeremy Meeks and Teresa L. Graves. It is a brand new thriller movie.

Kearia Schroeder As Iris Shaw

Kearia Schroeder plays the role of Iris Shaw who is an exotic dancer and mother of a young child. She is the lead actress in the movie, and the plot revolves around her story. 

Kearia has majored in dance and choreography.
Kearia has majored in dance and choreography.( Source : instagram )

The Actress comes from a military background. Due to that, her entire childhood was spent moving around different parts of America.

She later graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she majored in dance and choreography and minored in psychology. 

Kearia Schroeder started her career as a dancer and worked with Beyonce at the 2009 VMA Awards and Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Later she worked in movies such as Bolden, Running Out of Time, Dear Frank, Howard High and The Family Business. 

Gavin Houston As Osiris 

Gavin Houston plays the role of Osiris who is a young individual working his way to politics. In the movie, Osiris falls in love with Isis.

Gavin started his career as a child actor.
Gavin started his career as a child actor.( Source : instagram )

Actor Gavin was born on December 10, 1977, in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. Though he later grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey.

The actor was born to Llyod and Colette Houston. The actor completed his graduation from the University of Florida and later studied at the Manhattan Theatre Club. 

The actor started proper acting on CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light where he played the role of Remy Boudreau as a regular cast.

Jeremy Meeks As Seth

Jeremy plays the role of Seth in the movie. In the movie, Seth coerces Isis to follow his order of drugging the politician to rob him and extort him.

Jeremy is nicknamed Hot Felon for his mugshot.
Jeremy is nicknamed Hot Felon for his mugshot.( Source : instagram )

Jeremy Meeks was born on February 7, 1984, to his parents Kathrine Angier and Emery Meeks.

He was signed by White Cross Management talent agency, where he began his work as a model. After being featured as a runway model, he appeared in different fashion weeks.

He later entered the movie industry working in movies such as Trigger, Dutch, Dear Best Friend and Unfair Exchange.

Teresa L. Graves As Ms. Sara

Teresa L. Graves plays the role of Ms. Sara in the movie. Teresa's role in the movie is a supporting role and she looks after Isis's son in the movies. 

Teresa comes was born in Aquadilla, Puerto Rico to a military father who was working as a Senior Master Sergent in the US Air Force. She started her acting career at SCLC People's Survival Theatre, Atlanta's first African American theatre company. 

Teresa has been working as acting coach for young artists.
Teresa has been working as acting coach for young artists. ( Source : facebook )

Later in 2011, Teresa Graves began her career, moving from stage to the silver screen. She worked in movies and series such as Templeton Pride, The Retirement Party, Prosper, If Loving You Is Wrong, Too Close to Home, Dear Sister and Thick Skin.

Additional Cast Members

  • Vanessa Deleon as Nephthys 
  • Damian Romay as Reporter
  • David A MacDonald as Detective Moreland 
  • Sean Ramey as Joe
  • Afolabi Oyeneyin ad James
  • Clyde Risley Jones as Geb Shaw
  • Douglas Pioneer Lacey as Mike
  • Ray Benitez as Fernanado
  • Kia Fulton as Delilah and 
  • Ian Samlls Jr. as Adam

Dance For Me BET Plus Plot Synopsis and Trailer Breakdown

Dance For Me BET Plus is a thriller movie in which the movie revolves around Isis's life that has been entangled with a drug ring.

Isis who is an exotic dancer has been working for Seth for a long time and has worked along with him on conning other people of their wealth.

Now, tired of this, she wants to move away from such a life but Seth will never let her get away.

Isis sending her son Adam to school.
Isis sending her son Adam to school.( Source : youtube )

The fans are really excited about the movie, and some fans are happy about Jeremy Meeks's change in career. 

Even on the star's individual Instagram pages, the fans are excited about the movie and wish them the best for the movie that will be premiering on the BET Plus streaming network. 

Trailer Breakdown

In the trailer, Isis is seen at the bus station with her son Adam, sending him to the bus for his school. She hugs her son and lets him go.

Isis is now inside Osiris's car and he is truly interested in what Isis does. Though Isis is an exotic dancer, she just says she is an artist after which Osiris smiles at.

At the club, four businessmen come to enjoy the night, and many girls start to sit near them. Seth gives the task of getting money out of the businessmen to Isis.

Though reluctant, she is forced due to the situation. She goes along with businessmen along with other girls. 

In a room, the businessmen are drugged and pass out. They are then taken to their room and Seth along with his partner comes to their room with a mask on.

Then he makes all the girls in the room take out all the valuable items from the tycoons. 

BET Plus new movie, Dance For Me ( Source : youtube )

Isis says that the robbery they managed will be her last. But later Seth comes to her door and tells her she needs to go to that CEO.

But Isis doesn't want to be part of it and tries to push him away but can't. Isis looks unwillingly at Seth. 

Detective Moreland confronts Seth, but Seth disregards him. So, Moreland goes to Isis.

Isis is then seen kissing Osiris and later Ms. Sara tells her to do what she needs to do. Osiris opposes Seth and Seth points his gun at him.

Later Seth appears inside Isis's home and glares at her. 

How To Watch Dance For Me (2023)?

BET Plus the new movie Dance For Me is premiering on Thursday, March 30, 2023, in the US.

Fans will be able to watch the movie exclusively on the BET Plus streaming platform which is only available in the US.

You will be able to watch the movie when you have signed up for BET Plus to watch hit shows and movies from BET. 

Fans can stream thriller, drama and comedy movies, series and other shows without any interruption from any commercial only for $9.99 a month. 

BET Plus is a premium subscription streaming service.
BET Plus is a premium subscription streaming service.( Source : twitter )

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