Dale Jones Comedian and Wife Jodi White Have A Big Beautiful Family

The comedian Dale and Jodi along with their children Geoffrey, Aaron and Hannah.
The comedian Dale and Jodi along with their children Geoffrey, Aaron and Hannah.( Source : facebook )

Dale Jones comedian wife Jodi White is a stand-up comic in Nashville. Dale Jones and Jodi White have two children and one granddaughter.

In 1993, the comedian had completed high school and worked as a factory worker for some time. As he used to be always funny among his co-workers, someone dared him to try out for his lifelong dream. 

Eventually, he tried out at Zaines in Nashville where he watched other comedians and the stuff they did.

After watching for a month and finally feeling like he could do it, he started his journey in comedy.

The comedian took two years to get attuned to his style. Later in 1995, he quit his factory job and started to work as a comedian full-time. 

He was the winner of competitions like Comedy 10k, Laughlin Festival & San Diego Festival. Later when he competed in the NBC series Last Comic Standing season 6, he was the semi-finalist. 

Comedian Dale Jones Wife Also Does Comedy

Dale Jones wife Jodi White is also a comedian by profession. Jodi has also been working in the tees printing business. 

As a comedian, her comedy is mostly ballsy, bold, and brazen. Jodi went to Sarasota High School and completed her high school graduation in 1986. She has also worked at Brian Monarch. 

She lives with her husband Dale currently in Los Angeles. They have a son in Lousiville, Kentucky where he works as a bartender at The Taproom. Other than that, she also has another son and a daughter.

Jodi is well known for her ballsy, bold and brazen comedy.
Jodi is well known for her ballsy, bold and brazen comedy. ( Source : facebook )

She has also been featured in Today's Woman magazine. Jodi has also appeared on Island Hoppers with James Van Der Beek, Nashville Live, Comedy Festivals across the US & Canada and Carnival Cruise Lines. 

Dale and Jodi Relationship

Dale and Jodi had known each other for some time before they started their relationship. As both were in the same profession, the pair used to meet with each other from time to time.

The earliest photo of them together in a single photo was on Dale's Facebook which was posted on February 2009.

By 2011, the couple had started dating. Not much is known about Dale's past dating history, but Jodi had been married three times before. She had children from her earlier divorces. 

The pair got married on April 5, 2012.
The pair got married on April 5, 2012. ( Source : facebook )

On April 5, 2012, the couple got married at McCurdy's Comedy Theatre, a perfect place to be married for both comedians.

The marriage was held among friends and families. Dale was also presented with a cap that had the number 4, which meant he was her 4th husband. 

Since then the couple had an adventurous relationship and they have been celebrating their relationship. 

The Comedian Couple Have Three Children

Jodi White has three children before her marriage with Dale Jones. But Dale has accepted all of the children of Jodi as her own. 

Jodi has three children, two sons and a daughter. Two sons' names are Geoffery Blaine Jones and Aaron Jones and the daughter's name is Hannah Marie Thomas. 

Geoffery Blaine Jones

Geoffery is the eldest son of Jodi. Geoffery started high school at Booker High School in Florida. After graduating from high school in 2005, he joined Boston Conservatory where he studied Musical Theater.

In 2009, he graduated from the conservatory he started his first job at Tokyo Disneyland. There he worked for a year where he had a relationship. 

The eldest son of Jodi, Geoffrey.
The eldest son of Jodi, Geoffrey. ( Source : facebook )

By preference, Geoffery is in a relationship with Yosho Chin. Later he moved to New York and started to work for Bloomingdale's, where he was selected as the brand ambassador for the company.

In 2016, he moved to Osaka where he started his new job at Universal Studious Japan, working as a singer for the company.

After coming back to the U.S., he started to work at Alexis Bittar in 2017.

Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones is the second son of Jodi. Unlike his brother, who travels a lot of places for different reasons, Aaron has only been working in Louisville.

Firstly he used to work as a bartender. His work of bartending was done at The Taproom, and whenever Jodi came into town, she used to use her son's workplace to perform her comedy. 

Aaron smiling along with his young daughter.
Aaron smiling along with his young daughter. ( Source : facebook )

Later in 2018, he started to work as a mechanical technician at McCormick Motorsports in Kentucky. And he has been continuing his job at motorsport.

He is also in a relationship with Madison Givens since 2017. Currently, the couple is already married. The pair is blessed with a beautiful daughter in their life. 

Hannah Marie Thomas

Unlike her brothers, Hannah doesn't have many details on her social media profile. Looking at a few pictures on her Facebook profile, she graduated from her high school in 2016. 

She also took courses in arts as her undergraduate subject. Other than that, there is not much information. Different from her brothers who have taken Dale's last name, Hannah has not taken the last name of her stepfather.

Hannah is the youngest sibling of Geoffrey and Aaron.
Hannah is the youngest sibling of Geoffrey and Aaron. ( Source : facebook )

Dale and Jodi Share Their Love For Comedy

Dale and Jodi have been married for more than a decade now. And both of them have the same profession as comedians. 

Though both Dale Jones and Jodi White are comedians, they don't go on a single stage every single time.

Both of them have their own style and a way to make people laugh making them different from one another. So usually, they do different sets. 

Both the duo has been supporting each other on their journey of comedy.
Both the duo has been supporting each other on their journey of comedy. ( Source : facebook )

When Dale was working on the cruise ship, she was also along with him doing her comedic sketch, not together but in their own show.

But they like working at the same place and getting their own headlines for their show. 

The couple had started their weekly show called We're the Joneses' where Dale and Jodi shoot videos together.

The couple was approached by Facebook to produce more content on the social platform. The video was all produced, directed and edited by White.

The video mostly consists of their family, their lives at home and on the road. 

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