Crystal Egger

Crystal Egger -

The hot and sensational diva of the American television history, Crystal Egger is a well-known meteorologist as well as a T.V presenter for The Weather channel, KNBC and KBRTV. With her scintillating physique, a bold blonde face and super hot body measurements, she stands tall with her inner beauty and talent as well. She is regarded one of a kind reporter and a very talented meteorologist. She has currently located herself in Los Angeles, California.


She was born in Californian town Grand Terrace of the United States and was a beauty well occupied by the glory of the space from her early stage. Her early education from her hometown kept her qualified and linked up with the science of weather changes and meteorology. She knew how to speak Spanish and had some vocational training from San Diego State College. She graduated in 2000. Her interest in the occurrences and origin of the tornados, sandstorms and hurricanes came from early age. She was somebody driven by the methodology of the weather changes, which attributed her in applying for her career objective in meteorology. As she was born in California the wind of the stardom and being famous, hit her first than the interest in weather reporting. She got her BA in Communication from the University of California. She chasing after her hobby also got a BA in meteorology from the Mississippi State University in September 2003.


Being born naturally beautiful and gorgeous she was well acquaint by the fame and glory that every dreamer chased in native California. However, her passion towards the nature and the climate changes made her chase something more than just being a pretty face of the States. Her charismatic persona led first footsteps in television as forecaster and weather reporter. She finally went on to become a successful and loved weather reporter of the television industry of America.


In January 2007, she featured herself in KDR-TV as host. The television station was located in Denver, Colorado. Her other accomplishments include returning as an anchor in KIFI. This was located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She perused her success from not giving up from the television and staying in Cable News 16 in San Diego. She also works on her reporting skills by working for NBC Sports. She was a pretty face featured as an anchor and host of a weather reporting series in The Weather Channel from 2010 until 2013. This helped her fortunes to come from a right place, as she was so determined in her well-perfected attitude towards the passion of reporting. She joined KNBC in October 2013, after 3 long years in TWC. Her fame was in the early stage of formation, which boosted after her departure from TWC. She varied her newsrooms from one station to another as she changed her styling in various occasions on screen. She was somebody much credited for the sense of style and her perfectly combined wardrobes. Her clothing and fashion statements she delivered to her audience from the weather reporting in television made her a well-known face of the America.


Her dynamism as a television presenter and anchor decided her path of career, which she was in love with. Her embarking personality also kept her accompanied min several social activities, community acts and other programs that related her with schoolchildren. Her inner and outer beauty sublimes the pure character of her on-screen persona. She divinely portrays her hot and glamorous side with a mixture of intellectual talent and personified depiction.


Crystal Egger likes her private life to kept confidential and out of reach from the media attention. She enjoys the glamour of the television business as well as her private family life in varied introspections. She is married with two children. She does not share the information about her husband and children to the media. She does not seem pregnant with another kid to her name. She seems happily married with no speculations of divorce. Her outspoken and outdoor initials keep her fabulously well-built body and hot long legs standing 5.6 inch tall supplemented complimentarily. At the age of 32, she still dazzles the audience with her screen presence. Her charisma will live forever and her social and communal acts well praised. Her official Twitter account is @crystalNBCLA where she can be followed. Her biography is not proposed completely in wiki but more information about the hot dame can be found in the internet.