Does Craig Kimbrel Have A Son?

No, Craig Kimbrel doesn't have a son as of now in 2022. 

Craig is one of the most popular baseball players who is married to his wife and only has a daughter. 

For now, there are no details of Craig being the father of a son, as he has an only child, his daughter. 

And also Craig and his wife are not planning to have any other child, as their only daughter is suffering from a heart condition. 

Lydia Joy, Kimbrel's daughter, was born in November 2018 with a heart defect.

The All-Star closer left the Red Sox three weeks ago, with permission from the organization, to be with Lydia for the second of three procedures at Boston Children's Hospital.

But for now, Craig's daughter is in better health, and Craig and his wife are taking great care of Lydia. 

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Meet Craig Kimbrel Daughter Lydia Joy-When Is His Daughter's Birthday?

Craig Kimbrel's daughter Lydia Joy celebrates her birthday on the 3rd of November 2017. 

"One of the happiest, wonderful periods of our lives," Craig says of his first kid with his wife, Ashley.

"Heart defects" were present at birth. Lydia Joy had her first operation when she was four days old.

Kimbrel has spent his whole offseason in Boston because of his daughter's predicament. He works out every day, either late at night or early in the morning.

Kimbrel thanked the medical personnel at Boston Children's Hospital as well as the Red Sox for allowing him to leave camp in an emotional news conference.

Kimbrel, who became a free agent following that season, also expressed gratitude for having access to medical care in Boston.

It's without a doubt the most difficult situation Kimbrel's family has ever encountered. Their daughter's recovery was incredible.

Craig Kimbrel Wife Details

Craig Kimbrel and his lovely wife Ashley Holt got married in December 2012. 

They met at Wallace State where Ashley was a cheerleader at. 

They dated for several years until he proposed on one knee in May 2012.

Ashley Holt has always maintained a very private life and has not seen much regularly with Craig. 

For now, the couple is taking care of their daughter and is celebrating life together. 

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