Costeen Hatzi Nationality and Ethnicity, Is Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend Greek?

Consteen Hatzi is a popular social media influencer and blogger originally from Australia.
Consteen Hatzi is a popular social media influencer and blogger originally from Australia.( Source : instagram )

Australian national Nick Kyrgois proposed to his girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi, after New York Open in 2022.

21 years old, Hatzi was born in Queensland, Australia - and yes, she is not a Greek national!

Nick's partner Hatzi is a loved Instagram influencer, and she does not hesitate to express her relationship timeline through the platform.

It all started while practicing out at Wimbledon; Nick Kyrgios simply couldn't take his hands off his girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi. They made their romance public in December 2021 and haven't been able to stay apart since.

Nick, 27, wrapped his arms around his girlfriend before going in for a passionate kiss as the infatuated pair packed on the PDA courtside.

Quick Facts About Costeen Hatzi

Full NameCosteen Hatzipourganis
Age21 years old
ProfessionBlogger, Influencer
BoyfriendNick Kyrgois
Zodiac SignGemini
SiblingsGeorge Hatzipourganis

Costeen Hatzi Nationality & Ethnic Background

Costeen Hatzi is an Australian national, she was born in Brisbane, Queensland.

Her ethnicity links up to the Arabic Hajji, a name for someone who has completed a pilgrimage. Her ethnic background connects with old Greek pilgrims as Hatzi's name has lineage heritage of Greece.

However, people rumored Nick Kyrgois' girlfriend to be from Greece and are confused as she is a Greek national - which is not.

Costeen grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, and later shifted to Sydney to pursue her dreams. The model graduated with a bachelor's in psychological science but switched her career to modeling and interior design. She owns Casa Amor Interiors, a company specializing in modern house design.

Costeen Hatzi during her birthday weekends in Sydney, Australia.
Costeen Hatzi during her birthday weekends in Sydney, Australia.( Source : instagram )

The influencer is very popular on her Instagram account and has a knack for aesthetics.

Hatzi often posts pictures and outfits that are visually pleasing to the eyes of her viewers, which helps her gain more followers every day.

Her Instagram handle goes under @costeenhatzi. She also seems to love traveling as she has posted pictures from all around the world. She has 152k Instagram followers as of September 2022.

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Costeen Hatzi's Parents - Meet Her Family

Costeen's parents settled in Brisbane, where she spent most of her childhood.

Her parents motivated her to be an entrepreneur and Hatzi had the benefit to become a businesswoman because she was born into a wealthy family.

However, Costeen has never revealed who her dad is. She hasn't talked much about her family, but her mom appears to be in her 50s and her brother's name is George Hatzi.

While the internet has searched about her parents' ethnic background, we've already answered it is Greek.

Costeen with her mother and younger brother during her graduation ceremony.
Costeen with her mother and younger brother during her graduation ceremony.( Source : newsunzip )

Though Hatzi has only been open about her romance with the tennis player Nick Kyrgios, she often shares pictures from her everyday life, and Nick is often seen spending his days with her. She has not posted any pictures of her parents on her social media platforms.

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Nick Kyrgios Costeen Hatzi Relationship

Hatzi and Kyrgois publicly stated their relationship on January 2, 2022. Since then, everything has been fine in their courtesy.

Lately, Kyrgois has met Hatzi's mother at Sydney airport and expressed his love for her and her family.

Nick talking with Costeen's mother in Sydney Airport.
Nick talking with Costeen's mother in Sydney Airport.( Source : co )

There have been ups and downs in their relationship, too. An incident happened when Hatzi went to a practice game with the contentious athlete on Wednesday, the day after revealed that Kyrgios had been charged with assault. 

She supported him later in the day at the All England Club when he overcame Cristian Garin of Chile to get to the semifinals.

Hatzi is "absolutely the one," according to Kyrgios, who said as much in a May interview with The Daily Telegraph.

The couple seems madly in love with one another and has been posting each other on their Instagram almost regularly. Both Hatzi and Kyrgios do not miss any opportunity to gush about their love for one another on their respective social media. 

Costeen does not seem fazed by any of Nick's controversies lately and supports him publicly. 

Some FAQs

What country's citizenship does Costeen have?

Costeen is a citizen of Australia, she holds Australian citizenship and passport.

Where does Costeen Hatzi live?

Hatzi currently resides in Brisbane, Queensland.

How much is Costeen Hatzi's net worth?

Her net worth is $100,000-$200,000, a rough estimation made by newsunzip.

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