Is Class Of 09 On Hulu Based On A True Story?

The new exclusive miniseries of Hulu about FBI agents.
The new exclusive miniseries of Hulu about FBI agents. ( Source : instagram )

No, Class of 09 is not based on a true story. However, the story is inspired by the real-life stories of FBI agents.

Class of '09 is the new American drama miniseries that has only recently premiered on the streaming service Hulu. The series is a drama that was created by Tom Rob Smith.

The miniseries consists of three different periods of a bunch of classmates. But not just any regular classmates but a group of FBI passed-out students.

FBI recruits are gathered who have been working for different regions, but all of them graduated from Quantico in 2009. After being distant for many years, all of them are reunited.

But the reason for their gathering was the demise of their mutual friend. This spans the story from the past to the future, where the group of friends examines the change.

The show stars actors such as Brian Tyree Henry, Kate Mara, Sepideh Moafi, Brian J. Smith, Jon Jon Briones and Brooke Smith. The miniseries premiered on Hulu on May 10, 2023.

Is Class Of 09 Based On A True Story?

No, Class of 09 is not based on a true story. But the storyline is based on the real-life experiences of various FBI agents.

The story of the series revolves around three time periods that span three decades of time. We get to see the young energetic novice FBI agents who have just graduated.

Along the time period, we also get to see them mature and get out of touch with each other, spending their own life in their way in different time periods.

The show starts in 2009 when the trainees are studying to graduate from the training facility at Quantico. The miniseries moves from past to present and then to the future up to 2034.

The new recruits of the FBI class are selected outside of the law enforcement jurisdiction. This special group is destined to be full of greatness but breaks apart due to certain reasons.

At present, they are trying to infiltrate and dismantle the group of white supremacists while confronting terrorist threats. But the future shows that an all-seeing surveillance network is at work.

Ashely and Tayo as fresh recruits at academy.
Ashely and Tayo as fresh recruits at academy.( Source : instagram )

It is not known whether the tool designed for noble purposes is either manipulated by humans or has gained its own self-awareness, they instruct pre-emptive arrest before the crime happens.

Of all the graduates, Hour is the brain behind the network establishment, while Mara spies on her for the bureau. But they quickly find themselves in opposition with Tayo.

The story is a bit jumbled and takes time to understand. According to Vanity Fair, the story comes from the miniseries creator Tom Rob Smith's fascination with the class group photo.

He got a particular interest in the photo and was intrigued by the question of where are the people from the photo. And what had happened to their hope, dreams and where they stood.

During one of the podcasts, the creator was also intrigued by the FBI Retired Case File Review, consisting of interviews with real-life agents. That helped to finalize the concept for the miniseries.

Using all the concepts and ideas in his mind and his own research and authenticating all the files evening reaching up to the FBI's deputy director for questions, the series story was conceived.

Where Was Class of 09 Filmed?

Class of 09 was filmed at three locations, including California and Georgia in the United States of America. The locations are on the eastern and western sides.

While few of the shots were taken at the FBI Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

When the recruits were selected and sent for graduation, the miniseries featured the FBI Training Academy, which occupied a total of 547 acres of land for the establishment.

The location is 36 miles in distance from Washington, DC. But the training academy is established on the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia.

Similarly, another location for the miniseries was lensed around the Metropolitan region of Atlanta. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia state. Plus, the place has various locations for shooting.

One of the directors for the series Steve Canals shared the photo of him with the cast members, such as Brian Tyree Henry and Sepideh Moafi in the frame.

The miniseries was also shot in Atlanta, Georgia.
The miniseries was also shot in Atlanta, Georgia.( Source : twitter )

He stated that he was in awe of directing many phenomenal actors and collaborating with talented crews on his Instagram. It was reported that Tyler Perry Studios facilities were used for filming.

Major shots of the miniseries were conducted in the southwestern state of the United States, California—most of the series show the downtown area of cities.

The miniseries production was initially camped out in Los Angeles before the shooting started. Only sometime later the movie producers moved the location to Atlanta.

The miniseries was initially scheduled to shoot on October 04, 2021. But due to covid issues, the date was moved to 2022 to start the production.

Later the miniseries began its shooting in January 2022, which ended in May 2022, with a 5 months schedule.

Class of 09 Episode 1 Recap

Class of 09 first episode is titled Part of Something. The episode reveals about something is going on at FBI headquarters.

As per Digital Mafia Talkies, the miniseries starts with the future in the year 2034. The show reveals that FBI Director is Tayo Michaels and he uses an Artificial Intelligence system to determine an individual with criminal potential.

AI determines Amos Garcia as a potential threat and an order is released to apprehend the presumed criminal. Two agents Ashley Poet and her classmate Murphy are reunited for the case.

The duo joins the task force and raids Amos's location but the supposed culprit is not there. So, the pair's raid is busted with no other clue.

The story goes back to the past in the year 2009. There Ashley has just arrived at the FBI Training Academy in Quantico for new FBI recruits. There she meets her new classmates.

Her new classmates include Murphy, Tayo Michaels, Hour and Lennix. During the introduction class, instructors ask the batch to share some details and their past.

Lennix assigns Poet to spy on her best friend Hour.
Lennix assigns Poet to spy on her best friend Hour.( Source : instagram )

It is revealed that Hour is a daughter of an Iranian immigrant, Tayo was an insurance agent and Ashley was recommended by an FBI Agent she once assisted on a case.

In the present, Ashley was able to gather evidence by working as an undercover agent against one of the big gangs in Los Angeles. She later has a conversation with the therapist.

Her conversation leads to talking about her past failed relationship with her fiance due to her work. Later, she is assigned an undercover mission within the Buerau by Lennix.

She is asked to spy on her classmate and best friend Hour. Ashley learns that Hour was developing a detailed criminal database. Then a flashback is shown of their interaction.

Later in the future, a hearing is held where Tayo tries to convince them to extend his term as the FBI Director to continue his work with AI.

Suspected criminal Amos shows up at her house and warns about the machination inside the FBI. He hands her a flash drive but is killed by another task force.

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