Cirie Fields Husband Clarencio Hacker and Children As She Joins Big Brother 25

The Four time survivalist is all set to join the brank new season of Big Brother 25
The Four time survivalist is all set to join the brank new season of Big Brother 25( Source : instagram )

Cirie Fields husband Clarencio H.B. Hacker is a Marine veteran and former Survivor contestant. He appeared with his wife twice on the show.

Cirie Fields, age, 53 celebrates her birthday on July 18 and her Zodiac sign is Cancer. She was born in Jersey City, New Jersey.

The reality star Cirie is known for competing on four seasons of Survivors. She is known to be the greatest Survivor player of all time.

She first appeared in 2006 on Survivor: Panama after being in Survivor: Micronesia. The third one was Survivor: Heroes vs. Villain and lastly, Survivor: Game Changer.

Currently, she is in the limelight for participating in the Big Brother reality show with her 25 years old son Jared Field.

The Survivor contestant studied nursing at St. Francis Nursing School in New Castle, Pennsylvania, and earned her degree in nursing.

During her early year, she worked in various fields like surgical instrumentalists, home care providers, candy factory workers, and telemarketers.

Cirie Fields Husband Was Also on Survivor

Cirie Fields husband Clarencio H.B. Hacker was in the survivor show two times. He was in Survivor Panama and Survivor Micronesia.

As per one Reddit User, Cirie and HB were in the same season and he had helped his wife in the show and looked cute together.

The fans of the reality television show remember him as one of the nicest and most humble survivors who played with dignity and discipline.

Before being in the reality show, he served in the Marine field, so his a Marine Veteran and follows the Muslim tradition.

HB is a marine soldier veteran and one of the survivor contestant
HB is a marine soldier veteran and one of the survivor contestant( Source : facebook )

Clarencio H.B. Hacker celebrates his birthday on September 17, and his Zodiac sign is Virgo.

A Virgo and Cancer couple is truly a match made in heaven, these signs are highly compatible with each other according to Astrotalk.

Cirie and her husband tied the knot on September 1, 2005, and since then, they are happily in a relationship with each other.

She recently shared a picture with her husband on her Instagram. She mentioned Clarencio as her ride-or-die and posted a lovely picture.

Similarly, Clarencio has also shared some of the cute pictures with his wife and also with his family on his social media account.

The four-time survivalist is very much private about her relationship and likes to keep things to herself.

Cirie Has Three Children

Cirie Fields children are John Fields, Jamil Fields, and Jared Fields. Jared is the only one who is following her footstep while other lives a low-key life.

John Fields

Cirie son John is not involve in the entertainment industry
Cirie son John is not involve in the entertainment industry( Source : facebook )

Cirie Fields son John Field is currently living in Jersey City, New Jersey. Unlike his mother and brother, he is not in the entertainment industry.

However, he is seen sharing his mother and brother's work on his social media profile. In 2020, he shared his brother's music video named Set It Off.

John has also shared about his mother being on the Survivor show and how proud he is of her mother being one renowned celebrity.

Jared Fields

Jared Fields big brother contestant is an aspiring singer
Jared Fields big brother contestant is an aspiring singer( Source : facebook )

Cirie Fields son Jared is the youngest among his siblings. He is an emerging celebrity who is active in the field of music.

Jared went to Brien McMahon High School and later completed his middle school at Ponus Ridge Middle School.

The Big Boss star used to be active in sports during his school year and played Basketball and football, representing his school.

He lives in Norwalk, Connecticut, and is not in a relationship as of now. He is an aspiring singer who has done several music videos.

Jamil Fields

The Legend of the Survivor show also has a son named Jamil Fields but there is not much information available about him.

Did Cirie Win Survivor?

No, Cirie did not win Survivor but she won the first season of The Traitors, Peacock's reality show.

She first made her appearance on Survivor Panama, but at that time she was new and had no knowledge and survival skills to win the show.

However, she managed to prove herself by keeping herself safe from Tribal Council elimination. Everyone loved seeing her transformation as a strong player.

Later in the same season, she also found herself being the mastermind of the dominant Casaya Alliance, pulling off strategies and proving her increasing level.

But unfortunately, she lost the fire-making challenges in the final four against ally Danielle DiLorenzo and got eliminated from the competition.

Cirie was a part of four franchise of the reality TV show Survivor
Cirie was a part of four franchise of the reality TV show Survivor( Source : youtube )

Cirie Big Brother contestant returned to the Survivor franchise in season 16. This time she had experience, so she played her strategies with confidence.

Due to her hard work and perseverance, she was able to reach the final three but again, luck was not on her side, and she was voted out by her fellow contestant.

Her third appearance was on Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. She was betrayed by an alliance member and got eliminated from the show in a short time.

Lastly, she was in season 34 of Survivor Game Changers, where she struggled initially to survive but managed to gather her courage every time to win the show.

So, she was able to be in the final six of the competition show. But she couldn't make it to the finale.

The Traitor winner is considered as one of the smartest players throughout the Survivor franchise. The host Heff also gave her a tag of an inspirational figure.

Jared Fields and Mom Cirie on Big Brother 25

Jared Fields mom Cirie Fields entered the Big Brother 25 House. Their entrance is making a wave on the Internet.

Jared and his mother are one of the 16 houseguests on the new season of Big Brother which premiered on August 2, 2023.

The fans have seen the strong competitor Cirie in various reality shows they are expecting the same from her son, who just entered the house.

Before officially entering the game, he decided to hide his relationship with Cirie with the rest of the house members as per Parade.

In Big Brother season 25, we can see Cirie and his son Jared together in the house
In Big Brother season 25, we can see Cirie and his son Jared together in the house( Source : instagram )

However, Cirie has not given any statement regarding her son being in the same show and playing together by making an alliance.

This made fans more curious to know what the mother and son duo can offer in the future to the audience, and are eager to know about their game plan.

While some of the fans are also speculating that Cirie is there to help his son as he has no experience with the reality show.

Moreover, her appearance with her son would definitely provide Jared with enough limelight, which would help him in his future endeavors.

Before this, Jared also made his appearance on Survivor as a visitor and reunited with his mom as she missed his graduation ceremony.

Professionally, he works as an exterminator and currently lives in Norwalk, Connecticut.

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