Where Was Christmas on Mistletoe Farm Filmed? Movie Releasing On Netflix

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm will be available on Netflix
Christmas on Mistletoe Farm will be available on Netflix ( Source : popsugar )

One of the most eagerly anticipated Netflix original Christmas movies, Christmas on Mistletoe Farm, is scheduled to premiere on November 23. The whole cast of the film is from the UK, and it was filmed there.

Christmas is quickly approaching, and there's no better way to get in the holiday spirit than to put on your favorite Christmas movie. Thankfully, Netflix UK has a sizable selection for you to choose from.

This holiday season, get into the Holiday spirit from your couch. The list of holiday films that will be available to view on Netflix from the rest of November through Christmas has been announced. The most recent movie to stream on the website is Christmas on Mistletoe Farm. Here is all the information you require about this upcoming film.

Where Was Christmas on Mistletoe Farm Filmed?

According to IMDB, Christmas on Mistletoe Farm was filmed in the United Kingdom. The UK may not always see a snowy Christmas, but it does provide a beautiful backdrop for some incredible holiday movies, such as The Holiday and Love Actually.

The UK is a top destination for tourists and movie lovers, thanks to its stunning landscapes and energetic cities. There are several well-known movies that have taken place there over the years. And many of these are festive because of their reputation for having chilly weather and being cold.

Even though there aren't as many Christmas movies set in the UK as there are in the US, the country still has a sizable and magical filmography, with everything from rom-coms like Love Actually & The Holiday to the first film to star the Boy Wizard himself, Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone, to fantasy classics like The Hobbit.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm was mainly filmed in the farm of UK
Christmas on Mistletoe Farm was mainly filmed in the farm of UK ( Source : netflix )

The majority of the film was shot on a farm. However, we were unable to locate a farm. It is a mistletoe farm, just as the movie suggests. Mistletoe is a plant that can be found on a variety of trees, such as oak, willow, and apple trees.

There isn't much proof that the custom of hanging it in the home dates back to the era of the Druids, although it is said to have originated then. It is also supposed to have mystical abilities that fend off evil spirits and bring luck to the home. In Norse mythology, it was also a symbol of friendship and love.

Meet Christmas on Mistletoe Farm Cast 

The entire British cast of Christmas on Mistletoe Farm is anticipated to perform brilliantly. Scott Garnham, who has worked on Pompidou, will play Matt Cunningham in the ensemble cast. Let's learn more about the movie's primary cast.

Kathryn Drysdale As Miss Ashley

In the film, Ms. Ashley will be portrayed by Kathryn Drysdale. She is most known for her eight seasons as the series' star Louise Brooks in the sitcom "Two Pints of Lager & a Packet of Crisps," her role as Taylor in the British film "St Trinians," and her portrayal of mixed-race heiress Rhoda Swartz in the historical drama Vanity Fair.

Kathryn Drysdale plays Miss Ashley in Christmas on Mistletoe Farm
Kathryn Drysdale plays Miss Ashley in Christmas on Mistletoe Farm ( Source : sueterryvoices )

Kathryn is also well known for her roles as "Lizzie" in the Sam Miller-directed Australian television series "Tripping Over" and as Natalie in the British sitcom Benidorm.

She is well recognized for her stage performances with the Royal Shakespeare Company and, most recently, for her role alongside James Mcavoy in The Ruling Class. She provides the voice for the show's protagonist, Bounce, on Netflix.

Scott Garnham As Matt Cunningham 

Matt, a widowed father who moves his family to a village after inheriting a farm, is portrayed by Scott Garnham. 

In the Eurovision Song Contest parody Eurobeat, Garnham made his stage debut and received favorable reviews, including one from the Daily Express that praised his "stand-out performance." Garnham gave a funny portrayal as Irish contestant Ronan Corr, replete with all-white attire and overzealous use of dry ice.

Scott Garnham plays Matt Cunningham in Christmas on Mistletoe Farm
Scott Garnham plays Matt Cunningham in Christmas on Mistletoe Farm ( Source : yorkpress )

Following Eurobeat, Garnham was cast as Feuilly in Les Misérables while simultaneously serving as Enjolras and Marius' understudies. This performance earned him the 2011 Understudy of the Year award.

He was also invited to perform with Matt Lucas, Alfie Boe, and Nick Jonas at the Les Miserables: 25th Anniversary Concert as a result of his performance.

Eva Scott As Charlie 

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm stars 9-year-old Evan Scott as one of the children. The Watford Observer reported that the young actor had to continue their schoolwork while on set.

Parents Laura and Anthony expressed their gratitude to Kingsway for approving his leave of absence and allowing him to take advantage of the "once in a lifetime experience" while making ensuring he was up to date on everything.

Eva Scott plays Charlie in Christmas on Mistletoe Farm
Eva Scott plays Charlie in Christmas on Mistletoe Farm ( Source : watfordobserver )

The teenage actor, who was discovered after modeling and had an appearance in The Midwich Cuckoos earlier this year, had no acting training and had never even participated in a school production.

His father claimed that because he was friendly and outgoing during the tryouts, which matched director Debbie Isitt's concept for the children's lines to be improvised, this may have helped him land the part. Evan has stated that he intends to keep performing in the future, and it appears he is on the right track.

Celia Imrie As Miss Womble

Celia is playing Miss Womble in the movie. The details of her character are yet to be known. She is an actress who has won an Olivier Award, been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award, been named an "Icon" by Variety magazine, and won the Women in Film and Television "Lifetime Achievement Award."

She has performed to critical acclaim in films, television shows, and plays and is a Sunday Times best-selling novelist. Celia is well-known for her work in the movies Calendar Girls, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel series, and The Bridget Jones series.

Celia Imrie plays Miss Womble in Christmas on Mistletoe Farm
Celia Imrie plays Miss Womble in Christmas on Mistletoe Farm ( Source : last )

Additionally, Celia has a long resume of theater credentials and has appeared in many of London's top theaters. Among these are the Tony and Olivier Award-winning Noises Off at The Old Vic Theatre, The Sea with Dame Judi Dench at The National Theatre, and the critically praised 2016 Old Vic production of King Lear.

Other Cast & Crew

Scott Paige, who will portray Beano, & Ashley Jensen, who will portray Ms. Fletcher, are added to the cast of actors. Additionally, we will see Simon Lipkin as Louis Drake, Johnny Weldon as Marlon Morris, Stewart Wright as Barney, and Carolyn Pickles as the Grandma.

Dexter Sol Ansell plays Buster, Evan Scott plays Charlie, & Faith Delaney plays Violet in the ensemble.

Debbie Isitt was the writer and director of Christmas on Mistletoe Farm. The Christmas movie was made by Hannah Perks, Nick Jones, and Chris Bunyan. The film's score is composed by Debbie Isitt and Nicky Ager, with Ager serving as the team's editor.

Where To Watch Christmas on Mistletoe Farm? 

You can enjoy Christmas on Mistletoe Farm on Netflix starting on November 23, the day the holiday film premieres.

British holiday film Christmas on Mistletoe Farm depicts the tale of Matt Cunningham, a widower father who relocates to a village and takes his family there after inheriting a property.

While his children are having a blast, Matt struggles to adjust to village life. The young people then come up with a scheme to keep their families in the community. The official plot summary for Christmas on Mistletoe Farm may be found here. You can see a teaser of Christmas on Mistletoe Farm on Netflix.

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