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Very gorgeous and smoking hot Christina Ricci born on February 12, 1980 is an American actress. She first rose to prominence as the child star for her performances in the films including Mermaids (1990), The Addams Family (1991), Addams Family Values (1993) and Casper (1995). She had already established herself as a child super star before she emerged as sex symbol and the Hollywood A-listers in her later professional years. Born to a former ford model, Sarah and her husband Ralph Ricci, Christina had no ambitions of becoming an actor until a movie critic discovered her at her elementary school play. Afterwards, it was not much of a task for her to get in the business. Combination of her acting ability and her girl next door look resulted in Christina making a debut in the film titled “Mermaid” as Cher’s daughter. She was only ten years of age then.

Christina definitely got showered with love by her audiences for the kind of performances she delivered during her childhood. But as she matured as an actress her core viewers and fans changed drastically. She no more portrayed the same innocent and girl next door roles later on. In her subsequent years, she took on more challenging roles so as to break that clean image which she had built in her former years. In 1998, she was casted as Dede Truitt in the motion picture “The Opposite of Sex”, a movie that won acclaim by critics all over. Not only that, her outstanding performance also earned her the first golden globe. She has then appeared on countless other films. Her other memorable acts include “sleepy hollow” opposite Johnny Depp which became one of the most financially successful film of hers.

Despite her immense success in the movie industry, she has not yet shot right to the top lists of actors. But she has not let that dishearten her spirit. She’s carrying on with her career. She has the estimated net worth of $ 18 million in her bank account and she has made all of that fortune out of her acting career. Standing tall at only five feet and one inch, Christina regrets being short height. She believes because of her short stance, she looks extremely small in the frame. Nevertheless, no one can take way the fact that she has evolved as a hot and sexy actress that the Big Apple has of today. Living up to that label has not however been icing on the cake. She has worked a lot hard to achieve the slim figure that she owns. She works out regularly and follows the heavy diet schedule to maintain her shape. Her extreme weight loss has had few eye balls popping out.

She just looks amazing in anything she wears. Her natural exotic looks has stemmed from her roots. She belongs to the mixed ethnical back ground and that has a lot to do with how she appears. Also, she does not take her fame and her natural good looks for granted. She works at it every single day. She has maintained her shape and weight as a part of her routine life. She can therefore carry off bikini and classy couture look with the equal ease. She’s a head turner and she will always remain that. However, it’s rumored that she has undergone plastic surgery procedure to reform her breast and nose.

About her personal life, Christina Ricci  is married to her husband James Heerdegen since October 2013. She was formerly engaged with actor Owen Benjamin but she ended her engagement just after couple months of exchanging rings. At present, she’s happy with the relationship that she shares with her spouse. Her marriage is just a month old so it would be too soon to speculate about her marriage’s future. Other details about her can be obtained from wiki and other fansites relating her. Also, her admirers can dig in deep about her by following her at twitter. To add an interesting trivia about her, she has several small tattoos all over her body. She loves getting inked and also flaunting them publicly.