Chris Evert Net Worth, And Career Earnings - Updated 2022

Former American pro tennis player Chris Evert, 18 Grand Slam title winner has the net worth of 16 million dollars
Former American pro tennis player Chris Evert, 18 Grand Slam title winner has the net worth of 16 million dollars( Source : forbes )

Chris Evert Net Worth 2022:

Net Worth$16 million
Age67 years old
Owner ofChrissie by Tail & Evert Tennis Academy
ProfessionTennis Athlete, Coach, Commentator
Tournament Prize$30 million (in today's money)
Zodiac SignSagittarius

Born on December 21, 1954, Christine Marie Evert, 67, is a former American tennis player who was considered unbeatable during the 70s and early 80s as she dominated Women's tennis around the world.

Throughout her professional tennis career, Evert has won 18 Grand Slam singles and was ranked No. 1 for five long years from 1975 to 1980.

With a lifetime career win percentage of 89.96% in singles, Evert has the highest win percentage of all time; no male tennis player has been able to break that record either. No wonder the tennis legend has become a multi-millionaire playing and coaching as a pro tennis athlete.

Chris Evert Was Born To Tennis Playing Family

Christine Evert was born on December 21, 1954, in the United States of America, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Also known as Chrissie, Evert was born to a tennis-playing family and took tennis lessons early in her childhood.

Her father was a professional tennis coach who significantly influenced her to become one of the world's greatest tennis players ever. Furthermore, Evert's aunt Jeanne and uncle John were professional tennis players. Like Evert, John also received a full scholarship as a tennis player at the University of Alabama and Vanderbilt University.

Their other brother, Drew, got a tennis scholarship at Auburn University. Their youngest sister received a tennis scholarship at Southern Methodist University. All of the siblings won titles at Junior Orange Bowl held in Florida.

At 5, her father, Jimmy Evert, started giving tennis lessons. Evert attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School in her hometown and earned her graduation in 1973. After high school, Evert got a full athletic scholarship from Auburn University and established herself as a professional tennis player during college.

Chris As A Professional Tennis Player

Chris began winning titles before she was 14. In 1969, she showcased her skills and was ranked the No. 1 under-14 tennis player in the United States. The same year, Evert made her senior tournament debut in Fort Lauderdale; she was a semifinalist but lost to Mary-Ann Eisel. Evert set the record as she became the first debutant to reach the semifinal in the tournament.

The following year, Evert went on to win a national under-16 championship and got an invitation to play in an eight-player clay court in North Carolina. Evert was just 15 when she defeated No. 1 ranked Margaret Court in the semifinal; Court won the Grand Slam in singles right before losing to Evert.

American tennis player, Chris Evert in her court
American tennis player, Chris Evert in her court( Source : britannica )

Her recent endeavors led her to be selected for the U. S. Wightman Cup squad as the youngest ever in the competition. Evert was 16 when she made her Grand Slam debut at the 1971 US Open. She reached the semifinals only to lose to Billie Jean King in a straight set. Before losing to Billie Jean King in straight sets, Evert had a 46-match winning streak.

At the French Open and the Wimbledon Championships in 1973, she was the runner-up in both tournaments. 

Before losing the semis, she won 55 consecutive matches, winning 16 tournaments. During that tenure, she won two Grand Slams and became a finalist in her Australian Open debut. In addition, she reached 4 semifinals at the US Open consecutively.

Evert Is A Former World No.1 Tennis Player

After 1975, Evert maintained the No. 1 World ranking spot for five straight years. She was the oldest woman to be a Women's Tennis Association number one, and her record stood for 27 years until Serena Williams broke the paper in 2013.

Chris Evert holds numerous records to her name. Including most Grand Slam finals, most consecutive semifinals in Grand Slam, most consecutive Grand Slam titles, highest Roland Garros titles, career best match winning percentage, and longest game-winning streak(125).

Chris won the US Open Grand Slam for four straight years from 1975 to 1978; her other two came in 1980 and 1982. She won three Grand Slams at Wimbledon, seven times at the French Open, and won Australian Open Grand Slams twice.

Former American pro tennis player Chris Evert, 18 Grand Slam title winner has the net worth of 16 million dollars
Former American pro tennis player Chris Evert, 18 Grand Slam title winner has the net worth of 16 million dollars( Source : rolandgarros )

Her last Grand Slam win was in 1986 when she beat Martina Navratilova at the French Open. She set her 34th Grand Slam final record in 1988 as she again beat Navratilova at the Australian Open.

Evert became national pride and an icon as she won her first Grand Slam in 1974. She was considered the first female tennis star in the country, and Evert became a worldwide sensation as a female athlete. No one has ever come close to her 125 consecutive claycourt match win, which is most likely to stand forever.

Chris Evert Has A Net Worth of $16 Million

As of 2022, Chris Evert has a net worth of approximately $16 million, according to Celebrity Networth.

During her time as a professional tennis player, Evert won approximately $9 million in several tournaments, which is worth $30 million in today's money. Chris, 67, has accumulated millions in wealth throughout her professional career.

In addition, being a global icon, Chris Evert got numerous endorsement deals; before she won her first Grand Slam in 1974, she was already working with Puritan Fashions endorsing a sportswear clothing line.

After her continued success in the sport, she received several other endorsement deals earning her millions of dollars.

Owner of Evert Tennis Academy & Chrissie by Tail

Evert, with her brother John, established Evert Tennis Academy in 1996 in the Mission Bay Area, Boca Raton, Florida. Now, her academy is home to many national and international junior tennis players and hosts the world's pro tennis players. The academy provides world-class coaching with extensive training methods to help unleash the talent of young players.

18 times Grand Slam Champion Chris Evert's Evert Tennis Academy in Mission Bay Area of Florida
18 times Grand Slam Champion Chris Evert's Evert Tennis Academy in Mission Bay Area of Florida( Source : evertacademy )

Furthermore, Evert works as a tennis coach for Saint Andrew's School tennis team. She was also a tennis commentator in the 2011 Grand Slam tournaments. The former world's No.1 ranked tennis player also owns a clothing line Chrissie by Tail, where she produces tennis apparel and activewear.

She Was Awarded The Philippe Chartier Award

Furthermore, Chris Evert became the president of the Women's Tennis Association from 1975 to 1976. She was appointed president again in 1983 and served until 1991. In 1976, Evert became the first female to receive the Sportswoman of the Year award by Sports Illustrated magazine. She was also voted "Greatest Woman Athlete of the Last 25 Years" by the Women's Sports Foundation in 1985.

She was elected unanimously into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1995 as she became the fourth player ever to do so. However, her accolades don't end there. The female tennis superstar received the highest tennis honor, the Philippe Chartier Award, from International Tennis Federation.

Chris Evert Husband John Lloyd - Family, Sons

Chris Evert married John Lloyd, a former British tennis player, in 1979.

Chris and John played mixed-double together in several tournaments. Their relationship gained much media attention during that time, as both were considered pro tennis players.

However, their relationship didn't last long as Evert pursued another relationship with an English singer Adam Faith.

Chris Evert with her former husband Andy Bill and their three sons
Chris Evert with her former husband Andy Bill and their three sons( Source : independent )

Evert married her second husband, Andy Mill, with whom she had three sons, Alexander, Nicholas, and Colton Mill.

The pair separated in 2006, and two years later, Evert tied the knot with her third husband, Greg Norman, a former Australian golfer. The newlywed broke up after only 15 months and got divorced in 2009.

Chris Evert FAQs

Is Chris Evert still married?

  • American tennis legend Chris Evert is not married to anyone at the moment. However, she has three ex-husbands, John Lloyd, Andy Mill, and Greg Norman. As of 2022, she is leading a single life.

Does Chris Evert have cancer?

  • Chris Evert was diagnosed with 'Stage I' ovarian cancer in July. However, she feels grateful that her cancer was discovered early and expects positive results from her chemo.

Are Greg Norman and Chris Evert still friends?

  • Former celebrity couple Chris Evert and golfer Greg Norman divorced in 2009, only 15 months after the marriage. "They both were egocentric; however still remain friends and are supportive of each other's family", a source told People.

Are Evert and Navratilova friends?

  • Evert and Navratilova shared rivalries during the 80s. Evert won her last Grand Slam beating Martina Navratilova at the French Open in 1986. It's apparent people are curious if they still remain friends. Despite the rivalries, Evert and Navratilova were good friends and each other's coaches.

What is Chris Evert's salary?

  • Per Celebrity Networth, Chris Evert's net worth of $16 million as of 2022. Her prize money during the 70s and 80s accounts for $30 million in today's money.

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