Chris Colfer Sister Hannah Colfer Has Been Her Rock Through The Years

Chris and Hannah on her graduation in 2015
Chris and Hannah on her graduation in 2015( Source : twitter )

Chris Colfer sister Hannah Colfer is an epilepsy survivor. Hannah has struggled with the disease since she was two and a half years old. 

Chris recently appeared in the Celebrity Name That Tunes on the February 1 episode, which attracted the attention of the fans towards his family.

He played for the Make-A-Wish Foundation team. 

He has been active in non-profit organizations for a long time because he understands that people need help.

His mother was a firm supporter of organizations that had to do with epilepsy. The daughter suffered from the disease at a young age.

Her story was made public to make people aware of the disease and how parents could deal with the difficulties that come along the way.

In 2010, her mother appeared in a radio interview and that was when the public got to know how much Chris's sister had struggled since childhood but also battled with the condition and survived. 

Hannah Colfer Battled Epilepsy As A Child

Chris Colfer sister Hannah Colfer is an epilepsy survivor. Her mother appeared in a radio interview twelve years ago where she shared her daughter's struggles. 

She said that Hannah was perfectly fine until she was two and a half years old.

She started to have seizures, and doctors recommended putting her on medication and told the family that some kids may have it when they are growing up, and it may be healed after a few years. 

However, she fell into the 3 percent category where the medication does not work for seizures.

By 14, she had 50 seizures every hour, every day. She had to be taken to ICU every time she had seizures, which would make her unresponsive. 

Chris and Hannah in 2010 as shared by her on her Twitter
Chris and Hannah in 2010 as shared by her on her Twitter ( Source : facebook )

While visiting doctors frequently for Hannah, the family also associated themselves with an organization named Citizens United Research in Epilepsy.

Chris's mother raised awareness about the disease and contributed to bringing in funds to research finding the cure for the disease. 

Hannah seems to have recovered from the disease, as her Twitter bio says, Epilepsy survivor.

Her mom used to publish articles about Hannah's progress and how she was being treated for the disease.

She has also written a book named Seizing Every Day which can help parents of the kids like Hannah in dealing with the disease. 

Chris Parents Are Tim and Karyn Colfer

Chris Colfer parents are Tim and Karyn Colfer. His mother passed away in 2016.

As per the notice of her demise on, she was born and raised in the Fresno and Clovis areas.

She worked at Senior Helpers and Anesthesia Consultants of Fresno after graduating from Clovis West High School.

There is not much information about her, but everyone remembers her as a dedicated mother who spent her life caring for her daughter's seizure disease while also encouraging her son's ambitions to be a writer and performer.

Chris remembers his mother on her 6oth birthday
Chris remembers his mother on her 6oth birthday ( Source : instagram )

The actor recently shared an image with his mother on January 19, where he said she would have been 60 years old that day.

He also asked his fans to hug their mother if they were still there and said they would not regret it.  

Regarding the actor's father, there are few details available about his profession, but as seen on his Facebook handle, he got married for the second time in 2018. He currently lives with his new wife in Clovis, California. 

Chris's father and Hannah in 2017
Chris's father and Hannah in 2017 ( Source : facebook )

Chris Lives With His Partner Will Sherrod

Chris introduced his boyfriend, Will Sherrod, to the world in July 2014. However, they have been dating since 2013.

They appeared at Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2013, writes Hollywood Mask

As mentioned in his IMDB profile, Will was born on November 3, 1982, in Fort Myers, Florida, in the United States.

He pursued his education in the performing, visual, and media arts at Florida State University. 

He has worked as a boom operator, sound mixer, production assistant, unit production manager, producer, actor, executive producer, producer, post-production coordinator, and post-production supervisor.

His works include A Christmas Carol, Beowulf, The Lengths, and Flight. He also had a job at ImageMovers Digital as a post-production coordinator. He also had an appearance on Glee as an extra, portraying a student from NYADA.

He resides in Los Angeles, California, with Chris. Colfer recently posted a series of pictures on his Instagram, announcing their ten years of togetherness. Fans wonder if they are husbands but they are yet to get married. 

Chris and his partner William on celebrating 10 years of togetherness
Chris and his partner William on celebrating 10 years of togetherness ( Source : instagram )

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