Are Chris Banchero and Paolo Banchero Brothers? What We Know About The Duke Player

Chris Banchero and Paolo Banchero ( Source : Instagram )

Basketball fans have been curious about the connection between the Duke player, Paolo Banchero, and the Seattle Falcons player, Chris Banchero, since they share the same last name.

Paolo Banchero is the star Duke player who is currently playing for the NBA and being titled the best player in the 2022 NBA draft.

On the other hand, Chris Banchero is a PBA player currently playing for the Meralco Bolts starting in February of 2022.

Let us dive deep into the relationship between the two basketball players and their family history.

Are Chris Banchero And Paolo Banchero Brothers? Exploring The Relationship Between The Two

Since the two-star basketball players share the same last names, fans are curious to know if Chris Banchero and Paolo Banchero are brothers. The answer is yes, they are related to each other although they don't look much like each other, they are cousins.

Although the two players play for different teams and nations, Chris and Paolo graduated from the same high school. Graduating from O'Dea High School in Seattle, the cousins played together for the State Championship and won together as a team.

However, after high school, Chris decided to join the Seattle Falcons, and Paolo joined the Duke and separated ways in their career.

Paolo is 6 feet and 10 inches tall and plays as a power forward, while Chris is 6 feet and 1 inch tall and plays as a point guard or shooting guard.

Paolo Banchero at the NCAA 2022
Paolo Banchero at the NCAA 2022 ( Source : Instagram )

Despite the difference in their appearance and their playstyle, both cousins have great careers going on for both of them at the moment. Chris signed for three years with Meralco Bolts in the Philippines, while Paolo is making history in NBA 2022.

However, it seems the two cousins don't get the chance to meet up or catch up as often as being on different sides of the world as they are not seen together on any of their social media.

Chris Banchero And Paolo Banchero's Family History

Chris Banchero and Paolo Banchero are cousins on their father's side of the family, and each of them has quite an interesting family history. Both of their fathers are of Italian descent, while their mothers are from different nations.

Paolo was born to his parents, Mario Banchero and Rhonda Smith. His mother is an African American woman who played basketball professionally in college.

Paolo Banchero with mother, Rhonda Smith and father, Mario Banchero
Paolo Banchero with mother, Rhonda Smith and father, Mario Banchero ( Source : Andscape )

Rhonda Smith was a professional basketball player for the American Basketball League and played overseas as well. She retired to become a coach at the Holy Names Academy in Seattle.

The Duke player was inspired by his mother to pursue basketball as a career, although he did try American Football and track in his childhood days.

Paolo has recently received his Italian citizenship and has revealed his intentions to represent Italy in International competitions.

As for Chris Banchero, he was born to Paolo's uncle and Jacqueline Guerrero. His mother is of Filipino descent, so he has played for the Philipinnes Basketball Association.

Both the player's fathers played football in college, but the player has not yet revealed his father's name. Chris recently posted a picture of him with his father serving looks on the occasion of father's day.

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