List Of All Chinese Car Brands

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China's automobile industry has developed rapidly over the past few decades. It has now become the world's largest automobile producer and new car consumer market.

Generally, there are four big car manufacturers in China, FAW Group, Dongfeng, SAIC Motor, and Chang'an. Apart from these, there are several other vehicle companies that are emerging slowly in this competitive market.

1. Hongqi

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Hongqi is a Chinese luxury car that is owned by the automaker FAW Car Company. The meaning of Hongqi is Red Flag and was originally made only for high-ranking government officials.

There are four series of products available in the market The L-series, S-series, H-series, and Q-series. They are Supreme cars, Sports cars, Mainstream cars, and commercial cars respectively.

2. HiPhi

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The Chinese luxury car HiPhi is the premium electric vehicle brad of Human Horizons. These cars are specially designed for more tech-friendly buyers who want something different than the regular cars.

HiPhi has surpassed many joint ventures and Chinese brands and was able to prove its excellent product quality by making this smart vehicle for a new generation group of people.

3. WEY

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WEY is a premium SUV brand that is under the operation of Great Wall Motors. This car brad was first launched in 2016 and currently, it sells nine different varieties of cars.

This Chinese car comes with a daring design, featuring a massive grille with the largest and most attractive WEY logo in the middle section. Similarly, the interior is breathtaking with comfortable and high-quality seats.

4. Roewe

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Roewe is a luxurious automobile created by the Chinese automaker SAIC Motor in 2006. It is a beautiful-looking car with a comfortable interior and lots of power in PHEV form.

Currently, there are a total of nine models available to buy as of 2023, it is an established brand inside China and outside of China, and Roewe-derived models are sold under the MG marque.

5. Baic

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Baic is another Chinese brand that has emerged in the automotive industry with varieties of high-quality cars. They are known for their astonishing look with their distinct sporty design.

The Baic cars are also comfortable and give that luxurious feel with an extremely affordable price range. As it consists of a Magic Core 1.5T engine, it gives smoother output, low fuel consumption, and reduced noise.

6. BYD

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BYD means Build Your Dreams, it is the product of Chinese multinational manufacturer BYD Company. This electric car is doing extremely well in the global automobile market.

It comes with a very sporty and aerodynamic design along with dynamic alloy wheels, it has got User-friendly functions as well as comfortable interior space.

7. Changan

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Changan is one of the top-selling domestic Chinese automotive brands because of its exceptional quality and performance. These cars are available in SUVs and passenger vehicles.

There are more than twenty models available to buy in the Chinese market. These cars are comfortable and affordable as well as promise the safety of the passengers.

8. Chery

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Over the past years, Cherry has been able to position itself as a mass-market, and high-volume car brand. The majority of Chery's model consists of SUVs and sedans.

Cheery Cars has made some good value-for-money offerings with a good promise of reliability in recent years. It is a fully safe car that has comfortable spacing and is also a fuel-friendly car.

9. Haval

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Haval is a sub-brand of Great Wall Motors that specializes in crossovers and SUVs. They are the largest SUV brands in the world and their major consumers are from China as well.

The SUVs include three series; H Series, M Series, and F Series. Other than that there are ten more other model that is available to purchase in Chinese markets.

10. NIO

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Nio is the Chinese electric super car that is relatively famous in China. Their first model was EP9 which was designed for track use only and set the record for fastest lap times at a number of race tracks.

Later, they mass-produced all-electric SUV cars in June 2018 that have a range of up to 311 miles. Similarly, in 2021 Nio delivered a record number of EVs. These cars are also available in European countries.

11. Trumpchi

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Trumpchi is a Chinese car owned by the automaker GAC Group. It was primarily launched in December 2010 and is operated under the name of Trumpchi in the domestic market while it is rebranded as GAC in overseas markets.

Currently, they are making Sedan, MPV, and SUV cars for the domestic market as well as the international market. These cars provide luxurious looks and powerful engine capacity.

12. Maxus

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Maxus cars is a division of the SAIC automobile company, it was founded in March 2011 and its headquarters is in Shanghai, China. They have successfully sold their cars in Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

As of now, the Maxus range comprises SUVs, MPVs, RVs, Vans, and Pick-up trucks. These cars are spacious and have the luxurious interior with high-end equipment.

13. Geely

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Geely is the dynamic automotive brand of the Geely Automotive International Corporation. Geely is known to be one of the leaders in the scientific-technological field.

The four-wheeler offers consumers with lineups ranging from conventional vehicles to artsy and luxurious car models and each model strives to win the attention of the users with new and original solutions.

14. Great Wall

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The Great Wall, named after the Great Wall of China, specialized in producing SUVs and pick-up cars. They have successfully entered the market outside China and did well in Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, and Asia.

These cars are affordable for the mass-consumers and come with good-looking exteriors and comfortable interior designs.

15. Haima

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Haima is a Chinese automotive company-owned car brand that successfully combines fuel efficiency, and style, and consists of a very affordable price range.

They offer a complete range of models from small cars to SUVs and currently, they are office five different automobile models. The logo of the brand is composed of the shape of a bird flying away from a circular object which can be interpreted as the sun.

16. JAC

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JAC is one of the top 10 brands across the Chinese auto industry, they specialize in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, electric vehicles, and SPVs.

These cars are known as convenient and user-friendly, and provide great stability during outdoor rides. The cars are available outside China to over one hundred countries and are doing great in the commercial market as of 2023.

17. Lifan

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Lifan is known for producing cars and commercial vehicles. They first started their lineup with small sedans and microvans. As of now, they have expanded their lineup to mini-vehicles, passenger cars, commercial trucks, and motorcycles.

Currently, there are more than fifteen models available under the Lifan automobile products. Some of the popular models of Lifan are; Lifan 520, Lifan 320, Lifan X50, Lifan Lotto, and more.

18. Brilliance

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As a sub-brand of Brilliance Automotive Group, Brilliance cars have been actively producing passenger vehicles since 1997. They are best known for SUVs, sedans, and MPVs.

There are six exclusive and affordable model cars available to purchase in the domestic markets, such as Brilliance H220, Brilliance H320, Brilliance H3 and more.

19. Baojun

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Baojun which means Treasured Horse is a Chinese car company that is known for its successful electric vehicle line. It was only 2.49 meters long at first and later it offered  4.66 meters long SUVs.

The automobile company's targeted buyers were young adults, the looks of the car are extremely attractive with its boxy profile, rugged body, off-road bumpers, roof tails, and sporty alloy wheels in a very affordable price range.

20. Venucia

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Venucia in Chinese means Morning Star or the beginning of a new day. At first, these cars were designed directly by Dongfeng Nissan and later in April 2018, Dongfeng Venucia opened an advanced design.

These cars are mainly made for the domestic markets with good price range and quality. Currently, there are eight Venucia vehicles available in the Chinese markets.

21. Geometry

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Geometry is an independent electric sub-brand that operates within Geely Auto Group. They are known for launching a series of products that include sedans, SUVs, and MPVs.

This car brand utilizes high-end technologies that can offer the motorist with vehicle intelligence, connectivity, lightweight materials, and architecture. As of now, they offer four different electric car models.

22. XPeng

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Xpeng is also a leading Chinese Smart EV automobile company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets smart EVs from mass consumers with different price ranges.

This car has an in-house advanced driver assistance system technology and in-car intelligent operating system as well as core vehicle systems that include a powertrain and an electronic architecture. As of now, they offer five different model cars.

Other Chinese Cars Brands

The Chinese car market is truly one of the massive and impressive industries. They have got the most expensive, the cheapest as well as fully electric vehicles that are exported around the world.

Therefore, here are a few more list of car brand that is available in the domestic market as well as the International market.

  • Landwind
  • Jetta
  • Lynk & Co
  • Singulato
  • Aiways
  • Arcfox
  • Zinoro
  • Ranz
  • Weltmeister
  • Leapmotor
  • Zeeker
  • Li Auto
  • Soueast
  • Qoros
  • Bestune

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