Who Is Chika Ikogwe From Heartbreak High? Facts You Did Not Know About The Actress

Jojo Obah is portrayed by Chika Ikogwe in Heartbreak High.
Jojo Obah is portrayed by Chika Ikogwe in Heartbreak High.( Source : instagram )

Fans of the new series HeartBreak High Reboot are interested in the personal and professional lives of Chika Ikogwe, one of its cast members, she is Nigerian-Australian actress.

Chika Ikogwe has acted as the lead in a number of plays, including Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Pennsylvania, Salem, and All that Glitters.

Jules is portrayed by Ikogwe in Fangirls. She also frequently uploads behind-the-scenes films, most of which feature her and Aydan Calafiore playing around.

Heartbreak High, a 2022 television series starring Chika Ikogwe as Jojo Obah, covers the complex lives of young Australians who are neurodiverse, differently abled, are asian working-class, and/or wonderfully LGBT.

Some Quick Facts:

Name Chika Ikogwe
Birth PlaceLagos, Nigeria
Current AddressMelbourne, Australia
Education(NIDA) National Institute of Dramatic Art, Victorian College of the Arts
ProfessionActress and Writer
In Limelight Heartbreak High(2022)
Instagram @chikathat

The phrase
The phrase "Heartbreak High" is currently popular.( Source : techplanet )

Who Is Chika Ikogwe From Heartbreak High?

Chika Ikogwe is a Nigerian-Australian theater and television performer. Her role as Jojo Obah in the Netflix television series Heartbreak High in the year 2022 is what made her most famous.

She also appeared in the TV shows The Moth Effect, Mikki vs. the World, and The Tourist. When she was four years old, her family moved from Lagos, Nigeria, to Melbourne, Australia.

She had always wanted to be a doctor, but after taking a few biology classes and going to the hospital, she came to the conclusion that medicine was not her calling.

Chika has seen great in the Heartbreak High release trailer.
Chika has seen great in the Heartbreak High release trailer. ( Source : theenvoyweb )

In reality, she is currently pursuing a career in acting. She is in the spotlight as of 2022 due to her role in Heartbreak High 2022.

Today (September 14), Netflix is about to release its version of the Australian teen drama Heartbreak High, which allows viewers to watch the entire season at once.

The first series, which chronicled a group of teenagers as they negotiated puberty, aired from 1994 to 1996. The entire cast of the brand-new series is listed below.

More About Chika Ikogwe Acting Career

Currently, Chika Ikogwe is pursuing a career in acting. Initially, Chika appeared in series including Fangirls, Dance Nation, The Wolves, and Normal. She is also interested in writing.

She made her acting debut in Mikki VS The World on ABC, where she played the show's title character. She played Butcher Boy in the 2021 television miniseries The Moth Effect.

Chika Ikogwe enjoys a high standard of living.
Chika Ikogwe enjoys a high standard of living. ( Source : instagram )

The Tourist later included Chika as Ashleigh. She portrayed Jojo Obah in the Netflix television series Heartbreak High, which starred Ayesha Madon, in 2022.

She is an honest woman, according to the chiefs, even though there are few details available about her past in the public.

10 Facts You Don't Know About The Actress Chika Ikogwe

    1. Chika Ikogwe is Nigerian-Australian actress and writer.
    2. At the age of four, she was brought up in Melbourne, Australia.
    3. She grew up playing a range of sports including lacrosse, volleyball and athletics but mainly partook in competitive tennis.
    4. She co-wrote "The House at Boundary Road Liverpool" which made its world premiere at The Old 505 Theatre in November 2019.
    5. She has also received BBM Youth Support Award(Drama) in 2018.
    6. She won the award of "Best Newcomer" at the Sydney Theatre Awards in 2019.
    7. She considers her mother, Beyonce and Stevie Wonder as her inspirations.
    8. Due to her portrayal of Jojo Obah in Heartbreak High, she is currently in the spotlight.
    9. She utilizes the username @chikathat on Instagram.
    10. She is such a fantastic actor who has been in numerous films to date.

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