Chef Dee Bad Boys Birthday and Zodiac Sign

Chef Dee is the new cast member of Bad Boys Texas.
Chef Dee is the new cast member of Bad Boys Texas. ( Source : instagram )

Chef Dee Bad Boys birthday is on April 19. He is 28 years old and his zodiac sign is Aries.

Chef Dee is one of the stars of the Zeus Network reality television series Bad Boys Club. The show premiered on March 20, 2022, and was inspired by the Zeus tv series Baddies.

While Chef Dee was not part of the first season of the series, the celebrity star has made his entrance for the new second season with equally bombastic energy.

But the star is known not only due to his recent rise in his fame but he is also for his well-established food truck business called Monsterr.

The star has already begun the expansion of his business. He first started his business in Los Angeles, and now, he has expanded his business to Houston.

His fame with the food truck has made him one of the cast members of the new season of Bad Boys Texas.

New and old cast member of Bad Boys Club includes Kerrion Franklin, Anthony Hernandez, Relly B, Jonathan Wright, Ahrah Banga, Raz B, Orlando Brown and Prince Michael.

Bad Boy Chef Dee Celebrates Birthday With Friends

Chef Dee celebrates his birthday on April 19 with friends and family. He took to Instagram to share insights into his celebration.

For his 28th birthday celebration, Chef Dee had come to New York to be with everyone that he knew closely.

Five days earlier, one of the cast members of the Bad Boys show, Jonathan Wright had come to New York City to celebrate with Chef Dee.

The same day, he also had gone for shopping to buy himself a smart-looking dress for his party along with his mates at Times Square in New York City.

On his birthday, he posted that he was very thankful to Lord for everything. He also said that there were some days when he wanted to give up and when wanted to keep going.

The star celebrated his birthday in a bombastic way.
The star celebrated his birthday in a bombastic way. ( Source : instagram )

But the star said that God has given him a reason to wake up daily and be grateful for it. He says he has come a long way and thanks those who have been with him for a long time.

The star had made two reservations for his birthday celebration. First, he had a cocktail party at The Exhibit House of Chicago on the 4th floor inside The Water Tower from 4 to 7.

Anyone could come to this party as long as they paid $50 for the entrance. The event was to inspire them to get in touch with the artistic identities of their self.

Then he had his next party at Jerk Villa Bar and Grill from 7:30 pm to late. The whole place was reserved for his birthday celebration and had at least 20 to 30 people.

Later on April 25, the star again had a party celebration of his birthday. This time the party was held in Victory Restaurant, New York City.

Many celebrity stars and well-known reality stars were present during the celebrations.

Chef Dee Age

Chef Dee Bad Boys Club is 28 years old. The Monsterr Meals owner was born on the year 1995.

Chef Dee's real name is Devon Bussell. He uses his stage name Chef Dee in the reality show. But for his mother, he is still little Devon for her.

The reality star was born on April 19, 1995, to his parents in Chicago, Illinois. But the star was only five years old when he lost his father.

But he still had the support of his mother Brianna Jordyn, who is still very close to her. She supported him from a young age.

Even when she had to support her son, she completed her studies at Moraine Valley Community College. Now, she is working as a Digital Creator.

Devon also wanted to make his father proud of his achievement, even though he had spent less time with his father.

The successful entrepreneur has just reached the age of 28.
The successful entrepreneur has just reached the age of 28.( Source : instagram )

So, the star struggled in the world of culinary. But before that, he had also worked as an assistant teacher at Chicago Public Schools.

Since he was not cut out for the teaching role, he pursued his culinary dreams. He struggled hard for nine years. Sometimes, he even wanted to give up but he did not.

Starting from 18 on his journey in cookery, he faced many career challenges. But by the end of it, he had established his food restaurant.

He also founded his own food truck company called Monsterr Meals in Los Vegas. The business was established in November 2021.

Other than that, he is also CEO of his production house called Supreme Event Productions, where and his team is responsible for production, party, and gathering for his clients.

Though his age may be small, he has already begun to get his achievement known and is reaching for more.

Chef Dee Is An Aries Through and Through

Chef Dee zodiac sign is Aries. And he can be stubborn as the Ram that symbolically represents him.

The Aries symbol element is fire while their ruling planet is Mars. Their spirit animal is Ram.

According to Today, Aries loves to have fun no matter what the other person does. Similarly, our star Chef Dee also likes to have much fun whenever the chance is given.

And it is in their nature to make even the most boring outing you ever had into something very exciting.

Even when he is dating, an Aries man may be a little noncommittal at the beginning. But they go all in their relationship if they decide to be serious with their partner.

The star is as ambitious and passionate as always.
The star is as ambitious and passionate as always. ( Source : instagram )

The Monsterr Food Truck owner was in a relationship with Saucy Santana. The pair had been in a relationship for a few years but are separated now.

Fans have guessed about why the pair separated, but the star has not spoken much about the reason for the breakup.

And Aries men are very ambitious and bold toward their goals. They are very much driven by their goal and are passionate about whatever they do.

Similarly, the event planning company owner is also a very ambitious and already has many businesses established under his name. This surely has made his father proud.

Finally, they are very competitive in nature and are always full of ideas. While they start their idea, they might need little help to see through to the end. But they do complete their idea.

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