How Many Kids Does Chef Darnell Ferguson Have? Details About The Wife And Family Of The Super chef

Chef Darnell Ferguson is an American celebrity chef who is believed to be living a prosperous life with his wife and kids. Lets get to know more about him.

Chef Darnell Ferguson has been one of the popular faces in US television shows related to food. 

He has been a very loving father to all his kids and he adores and cares about them equally.

Chef Darnell Ferguson Kids: Who Are They?

According to the website, chef Darnell Ferguson does have eight kids who live with him and his wife.

Although it is not sure who their actual birth parents are or if all of them are his biological child, he loves all of them very much equally.

He usually shares about beautiful little kids on his Instagram handle and they are guessed to be his child.

Furthermore, he seems to be a very gentle human being and it looks that children are fond of him too.

Besides, he likes to spend his leisure time with his wife and children in his home in Alabama.

Chef Darnell Ferguson Wife: Is He Married?

Chef Darnell Ferguson got married to his wife Tatahda Ferguson on the 22nd of May, 2016.

They seem to be in a relationship before tying the knot and they must be a very loving couple looking at their pictures.

Darnell frequently posts about spending quality time with his beautiful wife on his Instagram handle frequently.

Although it is not sure, he has cute little children with his wife and they seem to be proud parents.


Chef Darnell Ferguson Wikipedia And Family

Chef Darnell Ferguson cannot be found on Wikipedia yet from where we could have learned about his family.

Although he has not mentioned his parents publicly till now, he seems to have generous parents and family.

He was born in Philadelphia, Darnell around 34 years ago and grew up in Columbus, Ohio playing football.

Similarly, in 2008, he had an opportunity to travel to Beijing, China, along with 20 other student chefs, to cook for Team USA.

Furthermore, he has appeared in various tv shows related to food, and recently he was starred in Food Networks chefs competition show called Tournament of Champions.  

Chef Darnell Ferguson Net Worth And Instagram

Chef Darnell Ferguson has not revealed his net worth publicly till now neither he has posted about it on his Instagram handle.

His net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be around $ 500,000 - $1 million which mostly he has been earning from his profession as a chef.

After being involved in various activities, he started his own restaurant called Superhero Chefs in Downtown, Tuscumbia in April 2019.

Moreover, he is available on Instagram under the handle @superchef_23 where he generally posts about food and his lifestyle.

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