Fixer To Fabulous Favorite Chase Looney Lost His Eye From An Accident, Here Is An Update

Chase Looney wears eyepatch after he lost left eye in an accident in 2017
Chase Looney wears eyepatch after he lost left eye in an accident in 2017( Source : facebook )

Fixer To Fabulous Chase Looney lost his eye in an accident in 2017. He uses an eyepatch to keep his eye safe from any possible infection. 

Fixer to Fabulous is back on TV with the new season on November 29, 2022. Since Chase has been away from the internet following his separation from his wife, many fans wonder if he is still part of the show. 

He used to often posts videos and clips from the show previously, but this time, there are no posts about the show on his social media handle, which makes fans think that he may have left the show.

However, there was no news about him leaving, so viewers may have to watch the season to find out. 

How Did Fixer To Fabulous Chase Looney Lose His Eye?

Fixer to Fabulous cast member Chase Looney wears an eyepatch after he lost his eye in an accident. 

Looney would be seen wearing the eyepatch most of the time, but sometimes, he would take it off. This made people assume that he only used those patches for the show. However, after much discussion about the eyepatch, the tv personality posted a blog examining the story behind those patches.

He revealed in the blog that he lost his left eye in 2017 in an incident that occurred. It happened only a few days after HGTV began shooting the first episode of Fixer to Fabulous. 

On July 4, the US Independence Day, Looney was responsible for setting up the firework, but a storm was on its way, and the group decided to fire three mortars before the rain would hit, writes Distractify

Chase Looney with his former wife Chelsie and their two children
Chase Looney with his former wife Chelsie and their two children ( Source : distractify )

When he went to get the fifth mortar off the ground after lighting the fourth one, he said that the fourth tube burst and tipped the fifth tube over after he had just lit it.

He was immediately taken to a hospital in Bentonville, Ark, but the doctors said he needed to be airlifted to a different facility in Springfield, Missouri. 

Since it was bad weather that day, he was transported by ambulance and underwent eight hours of surgery after arriving at the hospital. Later, he was told that he had lost his eye and it would have to be removed. 

Doctors also told him that he might not have movement on the left side of his face and the scarring would be permanent. At that time, Marrs also visited him, and he told them that he might not have a look for Tv anymore, but through tears and laughter, they reassured him, saying he never had a face for TV anyway.

He appeared in all three seasons of the show. He also shared on Facebook how his wife Chelsie, kids, extended family, and best friends like Dave and Jenny Marrs and the Fixer to Fabulous crew were around him during the tragedy. 

Chase Looney Before Accident Photos Resurface

Chase sometimes takes off his eyepatch when he is not working. But, if he is doing some carpentry job, his doctor has instructed him to use the patch because if the sawdust gets into his eyes, he may get an infection. 

His pictures before the accident are not much available on the internet. His Facebook posts are from 2020 onwards, and there are no images before that.

However, Jenny Marrs once posted pictures of him and Dave before the incident on her Facebook. 

Dave Marrs (left) and Chase Looney (right) before Chase's accident
Dave Marrs (left) and Chase Looney (right) before Chase's accident ( Source : m )

Looney has not updated his social media profile since February 2021, following a separation from his wife, Chelsie. On the other hand, Chelsie has married and moved on, whereas there is hardly any information about Chase. 

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