Is Charlie Dimmock Leaving Garden Rescue?

Charlie was not fired from the BBC, and her absence from any Garden Rescue program has no significance.

She was away at the time of filming, plain and simple.

Garden Rescue airs repeat episodes all the time, so if Charlie has been missing from your screens, it's because she was on vacation.

Despite rumors, Charlie has not spoken out about any health difficulties.

Despite a split on Garden Rescue in which she was only involved in about half of the episodes, Charlie confessed that she wasn't ready to hang up her gardening hands just yet.

Even more Garden Rescue still lists Charlie Dimmock as a cast member on their IMDB profile, indicating that she may make a comeback soon.

The presenter talked about her TV career break before joining Garden Rescue in 2017 in a 2016 interview with Radio Times.

She is one of the most important members of the Garden Rescue and has been the main face of the show. 

So her leaving cannot be seen in any meaningful time. 

Charlie Dimmock Weight Loss & Illness Update 

Instead of losing weight, Charlie has gained a significant amount in recent years.

When she arrived at the Golden Rescue, she was completely unrecognizable.

Regardless, according to the source, Charlie's weight in 2022 is 165 lbs. Gardening has kept her fit and powerful, even though she is out of shape.

We don't know if Charlie Dimmock is ill. She hasn't said anything about her ailment thus yet.

She has, interestingly, been active in numerous charitable endeavors. She succeeds in raising more than £100,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

She is really healthy and a woman with a wonderful figure, despite the fact that she has a few more pounds on her body.

So far, there are no health concerns, and she is a healthy woman who has not lost any weight.

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