Charlie Berens Parents Molly Berens and Dick Berens

Charlie is reputed journalist and a comedian.
Charlie is reputed journalist and a comedian.( Source : facebook )

Charlie Berens parents are Dick Berens and Molly Berens. Charlie Berens father Dick is an anesthesiologist and mother Molly Berens is a marketting officer.

Charlie is one of the most established among many American journalists and comedians. Charlie is also the creator of Manitowoc Minutes which he is known for. 

The comedian was born on April 27, 1987, in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, United States.

Charlie completed his high school at Marquette University High School in 2005 and later joined the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006.

He graduated from the university with a degree in Bachelor of Arts with Journalism and Mass Communications as his major and People Environment Geography as his minor.

Charlie Berens Parents

Charlie Berens parents are Molly Berens and Dick Berens. Dick and Molly have a family with eleven childrend.

Father Dick Berens

Charlie Berens father Dick Barrens is also Pediatric Anesthesiologist. He is currently working at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

He is also known as Richard J Berens among his colleagues. 

Dick completed his high school at Madison Central High School. After his high school graduation, he joined Marquette University where he studied Bachelor of Science with Biology as his major.

Charlie enjoying his time with his father.
Charlie enjoying his time with his father.( Source : facebook )

He has been working at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin since 1989 and he has been with the hospital for more than 30 years.

Mother Molly Berens

Charlie Berens mother Molly is the mother of 12 full-grown ladies and gentlemen and the wife of a famous doctor from the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Currently, Molly has reached the age of 63. She was born on the year 1959. 

Other than being the mother of 12 children, she was also working in advertising and used to work on dealing with products and advancements. She also has her presence on social media but she doesn't have many things posted on them. 

Molly along with her daughter Bridget at Barthel Fruit Farm.
Molly along with her daughter Bridget at Barthel Fruit Farm.( Source : instagram )

Molly has been married to her husband for more than 35 years. The couple was married together in 1987.

Currently, she lives in Elm Grove in, Wisconsin, with her husband.

Charlie Berens Has Eleven Siblings

Charlie Berens has eleven siblings. All of his siblings have already grown up with the youngest even going to college. 

The name of all the children of Molly and Dick are Andy, Charlie, Billy, Betsy, Maggie, Addie, Mary Kate, John, Emily, Nora, Bridget and Ellie. Charlie is the second child of the couple and Ellie is the youngest of the siblings.

Currently, Andy is already married to Emily Scheider Berens and the couple is blessed with a child.

Not much is known about Billy. He rarely appears on his sibling's social media posts.

But Bill has already been married to his wife Christine. Similar to her brother Billy, Betsy does not appear much on her siblings profiles. 

Almost all of the Berens family on Christmas.
Almost all of the Berens family on Christmas. ( Source : instagram )

Maggie is presently working as a Realtor at First Weber Realty. She also recently married Brian Kitzke on December 2022.

Right now, the couple is having for honeymoon in Mexico. Likewise, Addie has also been married already to her love of life. Her social media is private. So, not much is known about her. 

Mary Kate is the seventh child of the family. Similar to her sister Addie, she has also made her profile private.

John on the other hand is following his brother Charlie's footsteps. Akin to his brother, he is also working as a comedian along with his group of friends. 

Her little sister Nora has also made her profile private but according to her profile status, she has graduated from Maquette University and she has also completed the School of Dentistry at Marquette University. 

Bridget is currently studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She joined the university only in 2021. The youngest of the Berens family, Ellie has joined Marquette University to further her higher studies. 

Charlie Berens Ex Wife

Charlie Berens ex-wife is Alex Wehrley. The couple was married for 5 years before they separated.

Similar to Charlie, Alex is also one of the well-known and established TV hosts, a YouTuber and a former Miss Wisconsin USA.

Alex was born on July 29, 1987, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. She was named Alexandra Ann Wehrley at her birth. 

Both Berens and Alex had shared the same university at the same time where they both studied Bachelor of Arts. But both's majors were different. Alex has studied Communication Arts majoring in Rhetorical Studies and Communication Science. 

Alex is currently married to Joe Wnuk.
Alex is currently married to Joe Wnuk.( Source : instagram )

After her graduation, she interned at WMTV NBC 15 for 5 months. After that, she joined the competition of Miss Wisconsin USA where she won the competition. She later competed in Miss USA. 

In 2015, the pair married each other after knowing each other for some time. After that, she worked at William Morris Endeavor as a TV host and producer, And Social Media and Video producer at Nelson Schmidt, Inc.

She was also working as a TV host for Business Rockstars where she continues to work. 

Now, she is mainly focused on creating her own content and is the video producer for Empowerista. She is primarily working with brands to reach female audiences in home improvement, entrepreneurship, DIY and lifestyle topics.

In late 2020, the couple got divorced. Afterward, she was engaged to Joe Wnuk in May 2022. The beauty pageant was married the same year in October 2022.

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