Charli Burnett Net Worth and Earnings From Vanderpump Rules

Charli is one of the recurring cast of Bravo TV show Vanderpump Rules and will be returning for its new season
Charli is one of the recurring cast of Bravo TV show Vanderpump Rules and will be returning for its new season( Source : instagram )

Charli Burnett has a net worth of $1 million. Charli makes her earnings through her career in acting, modeling and various endorsements.

Charli is an American actress and reality star who appeared in the series Vanderpump Rules at SUR. Besides that, she also works as a model and is a women's muscle contest winner.

The star was born in the United States on 3rd February 1997. She is currently 25 years old. She comes from Los Angeles, California.

She has completed her bachelor's degree from Barstow Community College, where she studied from 2015 to 2017.

The actress has also competed in the beauty pageant Miss South Bay California. She was announced the winner of the competition. Later she competed in another pageant Miss California USA in 2017.

Though she didn't win the competition, she made into the finalists. 

After her modeling, she appeared in Vanderpump Rules. She first appeared in season eight. In season nine, she was made one of the show's main cast. 

Charli Burnett Net Worth

Charli Burnett has a total net worth of $1 million. Charli runs her own beauty service provider named Burnett Beauty.

The reality star is one of the main cast members of Vanderpump Rules. Depending upon each episode, each main cast member of the Vanderpump Rules is given $10k to $25k.

And since Burnett is one of the most loved casts of the show, she should have an average earning between $18k to $22k.

The star her career in Vanderpump from season 8.
The star her career in Vanderpump from season 8.( Source : instagram )

Other than that, our star is done some studies on working as an aesthetics. Charli takes pride in it and it is one of her achievements. She has also opened a booking for her beauty service called Burnett Beauty.

She opens the service from Monday to Thursday. She provides services such as Basic Facial to Hydrating Facials, where she takes charges from least $60 to $125. Her average earnings every month would be from $20k to $30k. 

Other than that, she also has some other side gigs that she earns from. As a social media Influencer, her Instagram account has more than 59k followers and her Twitter account has more than 10k followers. 

Burnett has done more than ten gigs for products ranging from clothes to shoes to beauty products. With each gig she does, she has earned from 25k to 50k. Though not regularly, the amount is still large.

Other than that she also does modeling. The model is contracted with a modeling agency, and each modeling is paid from $150 to $175 per hour. Modeling is a minimum of 2 hours of job. So, she can earn up to $300 during one session. 

Though not much compared to the other jobs, she still has quite an earning.

The actress and Corey are in relationship.
The actress and Corey are in relationship.( Source : instagram )

Compared to the model, her boyfriend's influence is a bit low. Corey Loftus is also cast in the Vanderpump Rules in a recurring role. Besides that, he also works in the digital market industry and has had quite a success. 

Currently, his earnings stand at $700k. 

Ways Charli Makes Her Money

The reality star earns her income from various jobs and gigs ranging from being a reality star in TV shows to modeling and Instagram gigs.

Reality Star 

The actress has been one of the reality stars of Vanderpump Rules since season 8. After becoming a fan favorite in the show, she was hired as the main cast for Vanderpump Rules in season 9. At SUR, she works as a bottle service waitress along with her castmates Scheana and Raquel.

The actress works as a waitress at SUR on Vanderpump Rules.
The actress works as a waitress at SUR on Vanderpump Rules.( Source : instagram )

Fans love her life and the personality that she shows on the show. Fans appreciate her willingness to stick up for herself and go head-on with the experienced members of the cast.

The actress will be returning for season 10 in 2023. 

Other than that, she has also worked in The Yellow Question. In 2020 Mal Haneen's short movie, the actress portrayed the role of Helen. 


The star has also completed her esthetician training. Now, she has opened a booking service for her skills called Burnett Beauty. She provides different services for her customer according to her customers requirements.

The star only provides her service from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 8 pm. For Thursday, she only works and takes booking from 9 am to 12 pm.

Her clients need to pay the deposit at the time of booking so that her client won't back out from the appointment.

Social Media Influencer

Currently, Burnett has a strong influence on her social media accounts. She has an active account on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

She has 59.1k followers on her Instagram, 10.8k followers on Twitter and 11k followers on TikTok. 

The reality star has used her social media influence for side hustles.
The reality star has used her social media influence for side hustles.( Source : instagram )

Her social media presence provides her with many endorsements and affiliations opportunities which she has been using wisely.

Burnett has endorsed more than 10 products on her social media account such as Intuit Mailchimp, Pretty Little Thing, GXVE Beauty and many more.


The actress has also been modeling for some time. She is contracted with Bella Agency from Los Angeles, where she works with teams as per their requirements.

Though she has not appeared in modeling for long, she has created an impressive portfolio.

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