Cathy Ladman Family With Daughter Milan and Husband Tom Frykman

Cathy with her husband and child in 2019
Cathy with her husband and child in 2019( Source : instagram )

Cathy Ladman daughter Milan is 19 years old. Milan was two years old when her parents adopted her in 2004. 

Cathy was already in her mid-40s when she tried to have a child. However, because of her age, she could not get pregnant, and her partner had already undergone a vasectomy. 

But adopting a child was not an easy decision for her either. Once the adoption was done, her life had a complete turnover.

She realized she was missing out on some things, and she found out how exhausting it could be to take care of a child. 

She often makes gigs about her daily life with her family. She jokes about marriage, relationships, and parenthood in her performance which has also attracted some attention from the public toward her family members. 

Cathy Adopted Her Daughter Milan 

Cathy Ladman daughter Milan was adopted in 2004. She is already 19 years old, as the comedian mentioned in her Jimmy Fallon show. 

Milan's Adoption Story

In Freshyarn, Cathy shared about her journey of adopting her child, Milan, and the difficulties she faced as a new parent. She and her partner met Milan in China on July 12th, 2004. 

They tried to have a biological child for a long time but could not. She was already at 45 at that time, and despite her doctors running various tests, they said she could not get pregnant. Besides, her partner already has a vasectomy.

Thus, they had a long discussion about adopting a child and felt they wanted a little girl from China. But, they had to undergo a lengthy and bureaucratic process to adopt her.

It took them 12 to 18 months to adopt her, but in reality, it was over four years for them because of various complications along the way, both emotional and financial. The comedian was depressed, and her marriage was strained.

Cathy and Milan in 2015 while they were out horseback riding
Cathy and Milan in 2015 while they were out horseback riding( Source : instagram )

The couple had little income and were not in a situation to adopt anything. But eventually, they managed to get through the difficulties and reached the point where they were ready to leave for China. 

Sometimes her spouse would say she would not remember how married they were once they had a child. She did not realize if he was teasing or warning her when he said so. 

She also realized it must be valid when he said she would not remember much of her marriage since her partner already had two children from his previous relationship. 

They took the longest flight to China from Los Angeles on July 9, 2004. They reached Guangzhou, China, on July 11 and flew to Nanjing the next day to get their baby. When the caregiver handed her the baby she had seen in photos only, she expressed that moment as downright surreal. 

They took her to their hotel, and the baby started to cry. She would call every time she was kept down. Someone would have to hold her in their arms to make her fall asleep. Within two nights, the couple was utterly exhausted. 

On top of that, her spouse fell sick because of a meal which put additional strain on her as a new parent. In the end, she explained her mixed feelings about having a child, but she loves her baby, who is already a grown-up. 

Cathy and Milan on a vacation to China in 2019
Cathy and Milan on a vacation to China in 2019 ( Source : instagram )

Cathy Lives With Her Husband Tom And Their Dogs

Cathy Ladman lives with her husband Tom Frykman, their child, and a dog named Chappy.

She occasionally makes posts about her dog on Instagram. And sometimes, her partner is seen holding or playing with the dog in her Ig photos. 

Cathy posts images of her husband and dog
Cathy posts images of her husband and dog ( Source : instagram )

When she married Tom, he was already a father to two kids. He is a former stand-up comedian who has also acted on Stephanie Miller Show, And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story, and All Grown Up! 

According to Ajnews, he is from Minnesota but was raised in Swedish Covenant. She met him in Twin Cities at the Comedy Gallery in 1989. She has been with him for several decades and raised a child together. 

The audience has got to learn a lot about him through her shows. She often makes jokes about her marriage to him in her shows.  

Ladman Makes Appearance in Jimmy Falllon Show

Cathy appeared on the latest episode of Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show. As per ComicsComic, she celebrated her 10th performance on the show and joked Friday night about how old age has changed her and her relationships with men and with medications. 

She also posted an image of her from the show mentioning her pre-hair and makeup. Many people commented about how much they loved to see her in the show. 

Cathy on Jimmy Fallon show for her 10th performance on January, 2023
Cathy on Jimmy Fallon show for her 10th performance on January, 2023( Source : instagram )

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