Carl Radke Loverboy Salary Before Deciding To Part Ways With The Company

Kyle, Carl and Amanda promoting the Loverboy Drinks.
Kyle, Carl and Amanda promoting the Loverboy Drinks.( Source : instagram )

Carl Radke Loverboy salary was $1 million per year. Carl worked as a sales executive and vice president of the company.

Loverboy was developed by the reality star Kyle Cooke who is best known for his participation in BRAVO TV's Summer House and Winter House.

Along with him are his co-star on the BRAVO TV show and his fiancee Amanda Batula who has always been behind him for his support. 

The product motto of the company is Hard Seltzer-like product with high-quality ingredients using the flavor of an iced tea. The company initially started with three varieties of products from Loverboy: Lemon Iced Tea, White Tea Peach and Hibiscus Pom. 

The brand and the product were promoted on national television by the entrepreneur Kyle Cooke. After conceptualizing the product in 2018 while filming for Summer house, he and his fiancee brought the product to life.

Carl Radke Salary from Loverboy

Carl Radke Loverboy salary was $1 million in a year. His earnings included health care and bonuses as well.

As per an interview with Heavy, Carl used to bag in a salary of six figures, bonus, health care, and everything in between.

At Loverboy, he initially worked in Sales Business Development for almost two years in 2019. 

Carl at a gala for women cancer The Pink Agenda
Carl at a gala for women cancer The Pink Agenda( Source : instagram )

After that, he was promoted to VP of Sales in late 2020. Along with that, he also had some shares in the company. 

Looking at his situation in the Loverboy, he should have earned quite a haul. Though he has left the position, he earns from the shares he has received.

There are some differences between him and Kyle but Kyle later called to reconcile.

Carl Radke Net Worth

According to Life & Style Magazine, Carl Radke has a net worth of $1.5 million. His wealth comes from his appearances in reality shows.

It has also been mentioned in the magazine that each cast member of the show earns a salary ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 per episode making from $140,000 to $280,000 per season. And Carl has been a cast member of the show since season 1.

Carl is the cast member of BRAVO Tv's Summer House.
Carl is the cast member of BRAVO Tv's Summer House.( Source : instagram )

Other than that, he has also made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live and Vanderpump Rules. This has helped him increase his reach. 

The star has also worked in industries other than the entertainment industry. Before joining Loverboy, he had even worked as Account Executive and Territory Manager for companies such as Yotpo, Danaher Corporation and Thommen Medicals. 

Loverboy Drink Is A Success

Loverboy Drink has reached quite for a new drink that has only recently been introduced in the market. 

Loverboy Drink was developed by Kyle Cooke along with his fiancee Amanda Batula. His appearance in the Vanderpump Rules and his being in the Summer House has increased his fan base. 

Kyle alone has a fan base of more than 800k followers on his social media. Since fan favorite star from Summer House introduced a new drink in the market, it was a huge hit after its immediate launch in the market. 

Since their brand was a new company, the members of Loverboy had low expectations of the sales of products in the initial month. But they were surprised by the number of sales of the product. 

Initially, vendors were still in doubt about whether the product will be sold properly or not. However, the sales of the product increased exponentially up to 400 percent.

After the product reached sky-high, the vendors began to order three more trucks instead of just one truck. 

Loverboy Drinks with different flavors.
Loverboy Drinks with different flavors.( Source : instagram )

The company's initial year sales amount reached over a million dollars. Since then, the company has been going in profit. 

Kyle Cooke's new drinks have also been tried by the food blogger Lara Parker, Ehis Osifo and Casey Rackham from Buzzfeed. They tried the initial flavors of the hard tea.

This review from Buzzfeed has also helped the company's product sales to reach quite huge numbers.

Loverboy Drinks Net Worth

According to Crunchbase, the company has received funding of $4.5 million in total. This company is still in its infancy phase. The company has only run for a few years. 

The Loverboy Inc. has net worth of more than $4 million.
The Loverboy Inc. has net worth of more than $4 million. ( Source : instagram )

There are a total of seven other people working in different positions in the company. 

The company has also been funded by seven investors such as Broken Arrow Holding, Republic Capital, Blue Slide Ventures, Adam Spriggs, Spencer Slaine, Alex Pattis and Bryan Rosenblatt. 

The company's current headquarters is in Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US.

What Does Carl Radke Do Now?

According to Carl's Linkedin profile, Carl is still working as the VP of Sales for Loverboy Inc. But the star has already left his job in recent times. 

He is currently on vacation with his fiancee Lindsay Hubbard. 

Carl along with his fiancee Lindsay at Jamaica for vacation.
Carl along with his fiancee Lindsay at Jamaica for vacation. ( Source : instagram )

His Instagram profile showed him with his fiancee Lindsay at the Bluefields Villas in Jamaica in mid-February, enjoying his time there.

Other than that, he will also continue his casting in BRAVO Tv's reality show Summer House which is on air right now. 

He is also in paid partnership with bublywater

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