Are Cara Delevingne and Amber Heard Dating? Did She Cheat On Johnny Depp With Her?

Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne are in the picture. I think there is also a video of them together with Elon Musk.
Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne are in the picture. I think there is also a video of them together with Elon Musk.( Source : twitter )

Photos purported to show Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne kissing in an elevator have gone popular on social media, sparking relationship speculation.

36 years of age Amber Heard (born April 22, 1986 in Austin, Texas) is an actress from the United States. She made her feature film debut in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, and went on to star in films including The Ward and Drive Angry.

Cara Delevingne (born August 12, 1992 in Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom) is an English model, actress, and singer who is 29 years old. After graduating from high school in 2009, she joined Storm Management. 

The character of the couple's Amber and Cara relationship has become a talking point in recent weeks, as Heard battled it out in court with her ex-husband Johnny Depp in their defamation lawsuit, with fans probing into all sides of their private lives.

Are Cara Delevingne And Amber Heard Dating?

Cara Delevingne and Amber Heard are said to be dating. On his YouTube show Popcorned Planet on Tuesday, Andy Signore bragged about "strange photographs" of Heard and Delevingne kissing and embracing.

Two females are seen standing in an elevator at downtown Los Angeles' Japanese Columbia, according to Signore. Constructing the apartment where Heard and Depp shared during their ill-fated relationship.

On February 8, 2020, Amber Heard is spotted on the left in Santa Monica, California. On June 4, 2022, Cara Delevingne is photographed in Venice, Italy.

Amber Heard cheating on Johnny Depp and then being enraged with Johnny because he didn't trust her.
Amber Heard cheating on Johnny Depp and then being enraged with Johnny because he didn't trust her.( Source : twitter )

On social media, photos purporting to show Heard and Delevingne kissing have gone viral. 

There's no word on when the photos were taken, but they've already been widely circulated on social media in the hours since they were released.

In May, a close friend of Heard alleged that the Aquaman actor was having a "three-way affair" with Delevingne and Elon Musk while still married to Depp.

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Did Amber Heard Cheat On Johnny Depp With Cara Delevingne?

The speculations of Cara Delevingne and Amber Heard dating have recently been a hot subject on the internet. The trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has made international headlines, with many shocking details emerging.

Interestingly, Amber Heard's dating history is similarly stunning and provides insight into the world of big ups and downs that the actress has had in the romantic field thus far.

Cara Delevingne is a multi-talented actress and model who has built a name for herself in both disciplines. She has a stunning figure and was first featured in Vogue Magazine when she was ten years old.

Cara has collaborated with well-known companies such as Victoria's Secret and Vogue. In 2012, she made her cinematic debut in the film Kara Karenina. Delevingne plays the piano and drums, something many people are unaware of.

Amber Heard has a long history of cheating on Johnny Deep, as seen by her dating history.

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Amber Heard Cheating Rumors As Old Photos Resurface

The iconic elevator that most likely caused Amber Heard to lose her case against Johnny Depp is back on the Internet. The ECB elevator, where Amber Heard was videotaped with both Elon Musk and James Franco, is known as the ECB elevator.

Amber Heard gets caught making out with a mysterious woman this time. However, if we look at the footage from Popcorned Planet again, we can definitely see the woman making out with Amber Heard.

Those brows are famous all over the world, and the woman appears to be none other than Cara Delevigne. This is the same woman that was accused of having a threesome with Amber Heard and Elon Musk, which all parties denied.

One of Amber Heard's "friends" admitted to the court during the first trial in the United Kingdom that the actress had cheated on Johnny Depp with Cara Delevigne. Until recently, there has been no proof made public concerning this.

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