14 Car Logos And Emblems With Stars

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Stars are gigantic, glowing balls of gases that shine bright during the night sky, and humans have always looked to the stars for inspiration. 

We can see star sign in various different country flags and products. Stars are used to symbolize the significant meaning behind many things. In this article, we will talk about all the cars with logos and emblems made with stars.

1. Mercedes-Benz

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  • Logo Status: Active

Mercedes Benz is recognized as one of the most famous car brands in the world. Established almost a century ago, it has successfully been able to maintain its standards.

The Mercedes logo is familiar even to those who don't know much about cars. The unique and fascinating logo of this iconic car is known as the Mercedes Star. The well-known logo design represents the professional ethos, integrity, and rich legacy of the company. The three-point logo symbolizes the power of three elemental forces on Earth: Land, air, and sea.

2. Subaru

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  • Logo Status: Active

In the Japanese language, the word Subaru is used to describe the Pleiades or group of stars in the Taurus constellation. The automobile brand Subaru is known for its reliability and comfortable driving.

The logo of Subaru has changed over a few decades. Before finalizing the perfect logo, they went through five different logos over time. However, the company has been able to retain the same logo since 2003 with the company's name in all capital letters which looks perfect in every way.

3. Polestar

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  • Logo Status: Active

The history of the popular European brand started in 1996, their logo has been modified only twice and all versions depicted the Pole star known as Polaris.

The company used the first blue background Polestar logo for more than twenty years. They redesigned the logo in 2017 which was similar to the current logo. Again, in 2020 the Polestar logo was refined with light gray shades of color palette, with both the arrow-looking ticks divided into two halves.

4. Venucia

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  • Logo Status: Active

The Chinese meaning of the Venucia is derived from the phrase 'the beginning of a new day'. The automobile company was founded in the year 2010 in China and is owned by Dongfeng Motor Co. Ltd. The logo of this car consists of five stars in different shades of blue and silver. The two bright stars in a blue color look vibrant and attractive.

The five points of the stars in the logo symbolize the five promises of the company, which include respect for customers, delivering value, ensuring excellence, achieving quality, and following a dream according to the brand.

5. Dayun

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  • Logo Status: Changed

The Chinese car brand Dayun was founded in the year 1987 and its headquarters is in Yuncheng, Shanxi, China. They are known for producing trucks, motorcycles, passengers, and commercial vehicles.

The company logo is simple yet fascinating and it contains a circle silver shield with a star on it, and in the middle of the five-point star, it featured the company name in Chinese letters.

6. Western Star

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  • Logo Status: Defunct

Western Star was an American brand motor company founded by William Signius Knudsen in 1967. It was a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America.

The brand logo was simple, it featured the capital letter W and a five-pointed star just between the letter, and below that the logo consists of the company name Western Star. The design contains three major color palettes in it that is blue, red, and silver which apparently stands for patriotism, reliability, and passion.

7. Berkeley

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  • Logo Status: Defunct

Berkley was a British sports car manufacturer that used to be one of the famous cars among racers. The company actively produced cars for around 4 years in total. In the span of four years, the company made 6 different models that consist Bandit, Sports car, microcar, four-seaters, and two-seaters.

The Berkeley car logo emphasizes a large capital B in a split half circle in red and gray colors enclosed into a golden frame along with the name of the brand written at the top of the letter and at the bottom it consists of five small stars.

8. Englon

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  • Logo Status: Defunct

Englon is a Chinese brand that appeared on the market in 2011, it is the subsidiary of Chinese manufacturer Geely and produces cars in the classic British style. The company only produces their car for four years, from 2011 to 2015.

The logo of this iconic car brand is divided into two parts; blue colors with a star in it and red color with a golden emblem of the goddess. In the outer circle divided by the silver border, there is the name of the company in a golden color.

9. Durant Motors

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  • Logo Status: Defunct

Durant Motors is another American manufacturer that was founded by Willian 'Billy' Durant after he was terminated as the head of General Motors. The model of the car was extremely popular and was produced with different body styles.

The Durant Motors logo incorporates four different color palettes; blue, white, gray, and red. The outer circle reflected the name of the company and the inner circle contained an image of a star with a shield and dragon on top.

10. Facel Vega

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  • Logo Status: Defunct

Facel Vega was a French manufacturer of steel fittings and stamped steel components from 1939 to 1945. Later in 1945, the company started producing cars along with Metallon company.

The logo of this French car featured a round emblem with a robust geometric monogram in the center, and six stars placed on a thick silver frame. The brand name is embedded just above the stars in serif letters.

11. Pontiac

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  • Logo Status: Defunct

The American car brand Pontiac was a division of General Motors, the automobile company was considered one of the fastest and most stylish vehicles and produces some big names such as GTO, Firebird, and Trand Am.

The logo of this car was changed many times and the most recent and popular logo of the car brand incorporated a four-point star on a red downward-facing arrow-looking shield also known as Dart.

12. Askam

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  • Logo Status: Defunct

Askam was a Turkey-based automaker company founded in 1962 by the US-based Chrysler partnering with local companies and commercializing its products under Chrysler Dodge, Fargo, and DeSoto brands.

It used to be the largest truck and commercial vehicle company in Turkey. The logo of this automaker brand features a star that is enclosed by a line inside an oval silver border and just below the attractive logo, it consists of the name of the company.

13. Chrysler

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  • Logo Status: Changed

The American car brand Chrysler is a subsidiary of the automotive company Stellantis NV. It was first founded by Walter Chrysler as Chrysler Corporation in 1925. The star logo of the Chrysler car brand was one of the famous Chrysler logos over the years of its transformation. 

The automotive company logo contained five points in light blue and white color and below the star sign was the company name embedded in bold dark font. This particular logo was designed in the 1960s and later changed in 1993.

14. JAC

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  • Logo Status: Changed

JAC is a Chinese motor company that is known for manufacturing commercial vehicles, Trucks, and Buses. It was founded in 1964 as Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Factory.

The old logo of JAC motors consists of silver stars in an oval-shaped shield. It was used from 1997 to 2016 and now the logo of the motor consists of its name embedded in dark shield. The thin five-pointed star was popular during its time and it represented harmony and security. This logo can still be seen in some old models of cars or buses.

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