How Old Is Callie On Yellowjackets Season 2?

Yellowjackets season 2 premiered on March 26, 2023 on ShowTime
Yellowjackets season 2 premiered on March 26, 2023 on ShowTime( Source : instagram )

Callie in Yellowjackets is 17 years old in Season 2. Actress Sarah Desjardins plays the role of Callie in the Showtime series.

The showtime's hit thriller and suspenseful series Yellowjacket premiered its second season on March 26, 2023.

Yellowjacket is a television series that follows a high school girl's soccer team of the year 1996 who survive a plane crash in the wilderness. It also explores their adult lives.

The series is mainly focused on four main characters who are living extraordinarily different lives from each other in adulthood. The cast are Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Christina Ricci, and Juliette Lewis. 

Yellowjacket Season 1 reintroduced all four women back into each other's lives through mysterious circumstances and explored their first few months in the wilderness in parallel.

The original survivors' ultimate fate was not revealed in the first season, but there were plenty of exciting plot lines running from their time in the wild to what is supposed to be their everyday adult lives.

The series has received seven Primetime Emmy Award nominations, including acting nominations for lead casts Christina Ricci and Melanie Lynskey.

How Old Is Callie On Yellowjackets Season 2?

Callie was born in 2004 making her 17 years old in Yellowjackets Season 2. But the story of season 2 suggests her age be around 25.

The change in her age in the second season comes as a plot twist for the over-arching story.

Either the baby Shauna Sadecki was pregnant with during the plane crash in 1996 had to die, or they named their second-born daughter Callie.

Many theories and assumptions are made regarding the baby Callie, her age, and what happened to the baby bump that was seen in season one. 

The plotted series follows the rough descent of ordinary teenagers into a cannibalistic clan. All four teenagers were involved in the death of Shauna's best friend, which later haunted Shauna.

Elijah Woods plays Walter and Christina Ricci plays Misty in the Showtime series
Elijah Woods plays Walter and Christina Ricci plays Misty in the Showtime series( Source : instagram )

The Emmy-nominated thriller became Showtime’s most-streamed debut ever, with its second season, which premiered on March 24, hitting nearly two million viewers across all platforms.

This is the showtime's best season two premiere in over a decade, nearly doubling the series premiere audience. Yellowjackets was created and executive produced by Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson, and fellow showrunner Jonathan Lisco. 

The second season is also up more than 40 percent from the season one finale in cross-platform viewing, and it's the cabler's highest-rated season debut ever on streaming and on-demand platforms.

Who Plays Callie In Yellowjackets?

Sarah Desjardins plays Callie in Yellowjackets. Sarah is a Canadian actress who joined the cast in the second season. 

The actress is best known for her roles as Whitney in The Hub's Clue miniseries in 2011 and Jenna Hope in the YouTube Premium series Impulse.

Sarah has also performed recurring roles in various television series like Van Helsing and the Netflix spy series MC2.

She also appeared on the fourth season of The CW supernatural horror television series Riverdale along with Madelaine Petsch.

Furthermore, Sarah debuted her acting career in 2011 in Magic Beyond Words; the movie was about the life of J.K Rowling, where Sarah plays a younger version of Rowling's sister Diane.

Sarah posted a picture of attending the premier of the TV series Yellowjackets season 2
Sarah posted a picture of attending the premier of the TV series Yellowjackets season 2( Source : instagram )

She gained massive fame from her appearance in various other series, but her breakthrough role became Callie on the drama series Yellowjacket.

Sarah Desjardins is in a win-win situation as both of her major hit series are streaming now on television, and she is getting massive good reviews on the series.

In Showtime's psychological horror series Yellowjackets, she plays the character of a teenager with insufferable parents.

We can also see her in the new Netflix Spy-thriller The Night Agent, which is getting hype on the Internet.

Is Callie The Baby Shauna Was Pregnant With?

There is a probability that Callie is the baby Shauna was pregnant with in the first season. Callie's parents are Shauna and Jeff.

After missing her period in the woods, Shauna realizes she is pregnant with Jeff's baby. By the season finale, her baby bump is beginning to show.

But when we think logically, the story about the plane crash in 1996, and the depiction of Callie's birth in 2004, make it impossible for her to be Sauna's baby.

However, Shauna married Jeff Sadecki, her best friend Jackie's high school boyfriend. He and Shauna hooked up behind Jackie's back, with Shauna left pregnant and stranded in the woods. 

In season one, we see her attitude problem, but in season two, we get to see where that’s coming from on a deeper level. It is for sure that Callie has a problem with her parents.

Callie is starting to figure things out herself, and we get to see what she will do with that information. She voices out things that need some light on which is worth watching in the series. 

Yellowjacket season 2 Trailer From Showtime ( Source : youtube )

In the second season, the story has got lots of turns and twists. Shauna is still hunted of her former best friend Jackie's death; she is seen talking with the corps like a lunatic.

Meanwhile, Callie is rebellious and tries every possible way to let her parents down and does not want to cooperate. There is no doubt the show is the most streamed series in the showtime's history. 

In the time when Netflix is so dominant over other online show platforms, Yellowjackets has proved that if the story is nice then the show can be hit no matter where it decides to premier.

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