Bruna Mascarenhas Wiki (Sintonio) Height, Age, Boyfriend, Family Bio
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Brazilian actress Bruna Mascarenhas plays Rita in the new Netflix show Sintonia. The show is in Portuguese language and it aired its first episode in 2019.

KondZilla and Felipe Braga are among the creators of the show. Additionally, the show centers around three friends Nando, Doni, and Rita. There are six episodes of the show available on Netflix. Furthermore, the show has received praised form the critics and viewers.

Rita, played by Bruna is one of the important characters on the show.  IMDB has listed this as her first acting gig. If that is the case, she is extremely lucky that she could land a major role in a television show as her first acting gig.

She has justified her casting on the show. Her acting skills have already helped her earn fans from around the globe.

Bruna Mascarenhas’s Wiki

Bruna Mascarenhas does not have a wiki page. She is only starting her career in the show business at the moment.

She is originally from Niteroi, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Currently, she lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She has just started her acting career. Hence, there is very little information available about her at the moment.



Netflix released the first episode of Sintonia on YouTube from August 9 until August 11. This move was for the promotion of the series.

Additionally, on July 30 of 2019, the red carpet premiere of Sintonia took place. The premiere took place at the Cinemateca Brasileira in São Paulo. In addition, the first two episodes were also previewed there.

As mentioned, Bruna plays the role of Rita on the show. She appears alongside MC Jottape and Christian Malheiros.

What is her Height? Is she 5ft 3 in and above?

There are no details available about Bruna Mascarenhas’s exact height. She seems of reasonable height. Furthermore, some sites have estimated her height to be around 5 feet 3 inches.

Her Age (25 Years)

Bruna Mascarenhas is 25 years of age. She was born in 1994. She has not revealed her date of birth so far.

Does she have a Boyfriend?

According to reports, Bruna Mascarenhas does not have any boyfriend. However, on May 19 of 2015, she posted a picture alongside a guy on a beach.

Fans suggested that the two might be dating. We don’t know if the pair are still together. Since reports suggest that she is single at the moment, they might have moved on.

However, she might be dating someone in secret. We will be sure to inform you is there is any news about her boyfriend in the future.

Family Details

She has posted multiple pictures of her parents on her Instagram account. Moreover, she recently posted a picture of them in the premiere of Sintonia.

Her parents are Luisa Mascarenhas Pinheiro and Marco Antonio. Additionally, she also has a brother named Victor Vargas.

Her family members are very proud of her and her career. Furthermore, she seems to be very close to her family at the moment.

Short Bio of Bruna

Here is a short Bio we have prepared of Bruna.

She is an actress from Brazil. People mostly recognize her for her appearance on the television show Sintonia.

She has more than 84 thousand followers on her Instagram account. Additionally, she recently posted multiple photos of the premiere of Sintonia there.