Bre Tiesi Before Plastic Surgery Photos Are Shocking

Bre Tiesi is a Los-Angeles based realtor, entrepreneur, business consultant and a social media influencer
Bre Tiesi is a Los-Angeles based realtor, entrepreneur, business consultant and a social media influencer( Source : instagram )

Bre Tiesi before plastic surgery photos look unrecognizable. Bre Selling Sunset plastic surgery includes a nose job, lip fillers and augmentation procedures.

Bre Tiesi is originally from Calabasas, California. She started modeling as a teenager and has worked on several projects.

She is professionally a real estate agent and has also established herself as an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and fitness enthusiast.

She first came into the limelight for her excellent work and being a consultant in the real estate market, and doing million-dollar deals.

Tiesi is hardworking, dedicated, and professional in her work, which makes her different than others. She's also an advocate for women's rights.

Recently, she came into the limelight after being part of the famous Netflix show Selling Sunset. She is the new cast for season sixth of the show.

The Netflix show showcases the luxurious residential properties in Los Angeles being sold to interested buyers by the group of agents.

The cast of the show are; Mary Fitzgerald, Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn, Brett Oppenheim, Amanda Smith, and Nicole Young.

Bre Tiesi Before Plastic Surgery

Bre Tiesi before plastic surgery photos reveal changes in her nose and lips. She looks completely different from before her plastic surgery.

Bre Tiesi before and after hair is also different, she changed her hair for the show, and it is more like a model's face and body.

The celebrities are comfortable sharing about having botox, fillers, and surgeries. Lip fillers are done to make your lips look big and plump.

Similarly, there are various other cosmetic procedures that make ladies look younger. These cosmetics are way expensive to afford regular people.

The reality star reveled that she has done surgeries to change her look. She has done nose job, augmentation and hair extension
The reality star reveled that she has done surgeries to change her look. She has done nose job, augmentation and hair extension ( Source : instagram )

Bre Tiesi plastic surgery includes a nose job, lip fillers, and augmentation procedures. She revealed details about the surgeries.

Before being a professional real estate agent at the Oppenheim Group, Bre worked as a model after her high school days until the age of 31.

The realtor wanted to become a surgical technician, but that profession did not have enough money so she ended up being a model.

She has appeared in various famous reality television shows. Her show includes Love and Listings, WAGSand, and Wild n' Out.

Bre changed her career from model to real estate agent and worked for Keller Williams Beverly Hills initially when she began her career.

She wanted a stable long-term career that would provide her good income and get into it more seriously as she started making high-figure sales.

The realtor belongs to a family of known personalities. Her father David Gregory is a professional MMA fighter and her mom Debra Teisi is a nutritionist.

The reality star has inherited fitness from her family and is dedicated to her health. She also runs a 12-week fitness program as Body by Bre.

Bre Admitted To A Nose Job on Selling Sunset

Bre Teisi has gotten a nose job as she admitted to it on the Netflix show. She is open about the changes she has made in her body.

In episode 9 of the show Selling Sunset, while showing one luxury mansion, she gives a hint about her hair, nose, and lips being fake.

Later she confirms augmentation and a nose job during episode 9 of the show. She did this transformation after having a baby.

Bre Selling Sunset plastic surgery made news as she looked like a completely changed person. Her nose job is the most visible among all.

Bre Tiesi nose job makes her nose look more pointed and before it was crooked and a hooded-looking nose.

In recent episode of Netflix she accepted that she had done Nose Job.
In recent episode of Netflix she accepted that she had done Nose Job. ( Source : instagram )

Similar to her, other cast members of the show have also performed surgery to make them look young and have even admitted to it.

For today's celebrities or artists, it has become mandatory for them to look good in front of the camera, and it is no new thing for Hollywood celebrities.

Brey's co-star and the famous Christine Quinn has also done plastic surgery for which she received various allegations from her fans.

She was completely unrecognizable then her natural look, she has also done nose jobs, lip fillers, and various other augmentations.

Another popular Selling Sunset star and real estate agent Chrishell Stause also falls under the list of plastic surgery celebrities. 

In their defense, they have said that after reaching a certain age, their career started going downfall so they stopped getting work.

To get their career on track and keep working in the entertainment industry, it has become important for them to do fillers, botox, and surgeries.

The Realtor Made A Shocking Entry To Season 6

The popular realtor agent joined Netflix's Selling Sunset on May 19, 2023, by replacing another realtor.

Bre Tiesi along with Nicole Young made a grand entrance and joined the agents on the hit Netflix show.

Bre has a good celebrity billionaire client list, which helped her get attention. Her relationship with Nick Cannon further cemented her position.

The agents of the show have to focus on selling lavish properties like big mansion and houses which is often owned by celebrities.

She was extremely excited to join the show and be on camera and show her side of the story to all the viewers.

Bre was also ready to seal the deal with her clients and be able to sell as much property as possible by being dedicated and giving her all effort. 

At the beginning of the show, she had this heated argument with Chelsea in the show about her open relationship with Cannon.

Later, in Palm Springs she said that she would never be friends with Chelsea Lazkani and doesn't want to argue anymore about her personal life.

The new Netflix original reality show Selling Sunsets has a total of 11 episodes and their main aim is to deal with the clients.

But we also can see dramas like women gossiping, arguing, talking about their personal life, and making revelations about things.

There is so much drama, and the agents also showcase the competitive side of the real estate business in Los Angeles. 

Overall, Bre is competitive and smart and knows how to get her work done quickly as she has been in this field for several years now.

Selling Sunset is currently streaming on Netflix and has already garnered various news about the show and the contestants.

The fans of the show are curious about Bre's relationship with Nick Cannon. It's hard for them to understand her choice and revelation of being the father of the child.

Per Redditor, she gives a weird vibe and thinks she could have married some good guy who would provide support to her and the child.

They also make comments about the contestant going to the same surgeon as they all look the same. They further added that they have this typical Instagram face.

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