Who Is Brandon Rolfe From Syracuse NY? Armory Square Shooting Suspect Arrested

 Brandon Rolfe was captured on Tuesday at Armory Square in Syracuse, NY, for a gunshot that killed one person and wounded other four early Saturday morning. 

 A 24-year-old man was found dead after being carried to a local hospital. One man is in a life-threatening condition at the ICU, while the other three victims have non-life critical wounds.

The gunshot happened during a quarrel between Al's Wine and Whiskey Lounge and DP Dough. Police have not specified whether any of the casualties were fully engaged in the conflict.

Who Is Brandon Rolfe From Syracuse NY?

Brandon Rolfe, 23, from Syracuse, NY was caught in the Armory Square killing, leaving one person dead and four others hospitalized at midnight on Saturday.

Rolfe has been convicted of murder and possession of firearms in the killing of Akok Lual, 24, whose local authorities have described him as a target of a brutal and callous act of violence.

After Rolfe started shooting at a crowd, the hub of Syracuse's city night-time was stopped, creating chaos among the people, and many people were terrified for their safety. 

Rolfe will remain in prison at the Onondaga County Justice Center until his appearance. Mayor Walsh sent his sorrow to the family while conveying his disapproval of the "audacious" event.

 Armory Square Shooting Suspect Arrested

A twenty-three old man named Brandon Rolfe was arrested as the suspect of the Armory Square shooting, killing Akok Lual and hospitalizing four others. 

Rolfe was confirmed as a culprit in the shooting after an inspection by authorities, several questioning with witnesses, and the acquisition of forensic proof from the incident.

According to the witness, the police officers were only 30-40 feet away when Folfe started shooting. The police reports indicate that a minimum of five shots were fired in public.

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Brandon Rolfe Family Details 

Police officers haven't disclosed any members of Bradon Folfe to date. He is currently at Onondaga County Justice Center, waiting for his next hearings.

His victim Akok Lual died on the spot, while his brother was originally labeled as critical in Upstate University Hospital. However, he is doing fine as his parents, Mary and Peter Lual.

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Meet Brandon Rolfe On Facebook 

Brandon Rolfe is not active on Facebook. However, many people express their sorrow and grief in the Syracuse, NY, shooting incident. 

Not only that, people are protesting and demanding strict punishment for Rolfe, who is waiting for his trial at Onondaga County Justice Center.

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