Where Was Bosch And Rockit Filmed? Filming Location For Luke Hemsworth's Movie

'Bosch And Rockit' will be renamed for its US and Canadian release. 'Ocean Boy' will hit the theaters on February 3
'Bosch And Rockit' will be renamed for its US and Canadian release. 'Ocean Boy' will hit the theaters on February 3( Source : instagram )

Bosch And Rockit was filmed in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Bosch And Rockit is applauded for their appealing visuals and locations. 

The film is about a father who tries to avoid being caught distributing drugs with his surfing gang; the man drags along his son, who thinks they are on a beautiful vacation.

The initial two-thirds of the movie, in which they avoid the police, feel compressed and take place over a few weeks. The film is sentimental, predictable, and poorly paced. The latter third looks to be simply drifting along with the years passing.

However, it's also wonderfully pleasant, featuring endearing characters and standout work from the two lead performers. The lesser-known Hemsworth gives a powerful performance that persuades us that there is tenderness hidden beneath the pompous front of the macho yet sensitive dad.

Bosch And Rockit Filiming Location Around Australia

Bosch And Rockit was filmed in beautiful locations around the Australian east coast. The movie utilizes rainforests and beaches in the iconic Byron Bay.

A seaside community in the New South Wales region of southeast Australia, the area is a well-liked vacation spot with great beaches, surfing, and scuba diving.

The Selected Location Is An Ideal For The Movie

The film is a stirring narrative seen through the eyes of a young teenage boy in the late 1990s, before the era of cell phones and social media.

The father-son duo set out on a lovely vacation as Rockit struggles to grasp why his mother isn't returning home, only to find out they are evading the police.

While the movie dives into deep emotions of love, forgiveness, and togetherness, the cinematography adds to its essence. Shot engagingly by the very talented Ben Nott, the visuals are a treat to watch.

Snapshot of East Coast of Australia taken by the cinematographer Ben Nott. The film was shot in Byron Bay
Snapshot of East Coast of Australia taken by the cinematographer Ben Nott. The film was shot in Byron Bay( Source : instagram )

The award-winning cinematographer does complete justice to the blues and the greens of mother nature. 

It is a story that provides us hope that no matter what our circumstances, we will find a way through by exposing the destruction that negligent parenting and addiction can have on a family.

A fantastic journey from childhood to manhood, seen through the eyes of a small kid, the shooting site works like a metaphor.  

The Beaches Perfectly Help To Carry Forward The Story

The father and son moving to Byron Bay are a big deal for them, but there isn't much at stake, and the audience gets the impression that the movie is switching out one beautiful coastal setting for another. 

The director utilizes the place's backdrops as attractive scaffolding for more mundane sequences, such as Rockit munching hot chips with Ash-Ash, his love interest.

He then quickly switches to a pair of whales gracefully turning in the ocean. This is such a breathtaking scene. 

Moving forward, many deep, hard-hitting conversations in the film would have been a dull experience if not for the pinkish sky and the iconic beach. You can see dolphins and whales back and forth, and things might get a bit cheesy, but definitely, the emotional quotient beats it all. 

The film is calm, soothing, and beautiful, thanks to our filmmakers' perfect choice of locations. 

Meet The Cast Of The Film

It is a coming-of-age narrative about teenage surfer Rockit played by professional surfer Rasmus King and the ups and downs of his relationship with his father, heart-of-gold pot farmer Bosch, played by the exceptional Luke Hemsworth.

It is written and directed by actor Tyler Atkins, and it is his first time directing a feature film. Apart from the two main leads, we have Deb, who Isabel Lucas portrays. The character is the daughter of the Motel they are living in, and Bosch has a casual fling with her. 

Rockit primarily left alone, spends his time surfing, eating fish and chips, and forming a friendship with Ash, a waif from a shattered home. Savannah La Rain plays her wonderfully. 

Rasmus King (left) who plays Rockit, and Tyler Atkins (right) who is the real grown up Rockit.
Rasmus King (left) who plays Rockit, and Tyler Atkins (right) who is the real grown up Rockit.( Source : instagram )

Aussie screen stalwart Leeanna Walsman plays Bosch's wife. His child is handed over as the police move in, but because of her alcoholism, she finds it difficult to give him the care he needs and gives him back to his father.

Michael Sheasby plays Keith, Heather Mitchell plays Wendy, and Kaeng Chan plays Dr. Wang. Each plays short but pivotal parts for the story to move forward smoothly. 

How Can You Watch The Film?

It is available on Netflix worldwide, and you can watch it with your subscription to the streaming platform. Netflix essential with ads also has the film's rights so that you can go anywhere for a cheesy emotional ride with Bosch and Rockit.

Although Netflix does not provide free trials, you can modify or cancel your subscription online if you change your mind. There are no contracts, cancellation fees, and commitments.

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