Blossom BET Plus Cast Noree Victoria and Cynthia Bailey

The Movie Blossom was released on Bet Plus on January 26, 2023
The Movie Blossom was released on Bet Plus on January 26, 2023( Source : instagram )

Blossom BET Plus cast consist of Noree Victoria, Cynthia Bailey and Max Carpenter. Blossom on BET Plus was released on January 26, 2023.

The movie is made by director Harel Goldstein and written by Charles Morris Jr.

The film focuses on the battle against depression and how it affects the ability of the person.

The two characters of the film, Clarrise, and Cherry become friends with each other and help each other to overcome their fear and struggle and create a beautiful bond of friendship.

The movie gives a strong message to society and empowers women who are going through domestic violence every day and still choose to remain silent.

Overall, the movie has got a mixed review from the audience.

Blossom BET Plus Cast

Blossom Bet Plus cast includes Noree Victoria as Clarisse Spencer, Cynthia Bailey as Doris Rowell, Maddison Bullock as Cherry Redvine, and Max Carpenter as Billy Hellman.

The film has received attention from fans because it is a family drama that is quite emotional to watch. Many viewers have identified with the story of mental illness.

Noree Victoria As Clarisse Spencer

Noree Victoria is the main character of the film. She portrays the role of Clarisse, the mother and wife of a small family.

Noree is an actress and producer originally from Baltimore. She has been active in creative arts since childhood.

The actress has completed her education with a Master of Science Degree in Applied Information Technology. 

She was also recruited as a Financial Analyst for the Decker Corporation. However, she was more drawn to acting and wanted to pursue her career in acting.

Actress Noree is seen in the Blossom Bet Plus movie in the lead role
Actress Noree is seen in the Blossom Bet Plus movie in the lead role( Source : instagram )

Noree Victoria moved to New York and studied acting at the New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts.

The main lead of the film went on to win the Best Actress award at AMTC and to appear regularly in various Emmy-winning television shows.

Cynthia Baily as Doris Rowell

Cynthia Baily portrays Doris Rowell, one of the film's main characters, in a powerful performance.

Baily is an American model and actress from Alabama. At 18, she relocated to New York City to pursue a modeling career.

The model has appeared in films such as Without You I'm Nothing, For Love or Money, and several television shows. She was also a runway model.

In the 2023 movie Blossom on Bet plus Cynthia is seen playing the character of Dorris
In the 2023 movie Blossom on Bet plus Cynthia is seen playing the character of Dorris( Source : instagram )

Cynthia married Peter Thomas and participated in The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2010.

Later, in 2017, she divorced Peter and began a new relationship with Mike Hill, who featured on Real Housewives of Atlanta from 2018 until she left in 2021.

Maddison Bullock as Cherry Redvine

Maddison Bullock plays the role of Cherry Redvine in the Blossom Bet Plus movie. Her character goes through domestic abuse from her boyfriend Billy.

Maddison is a multi-award-winning actress, writer, producer, and former competitive Figure skater.

The actress has done several movies and television series over the decade, she was also seen in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why.

The Award winning actress Maddison portrays the role of Cherry Redwine (Blossom)
The Award winning actress Maddison portrays the role of Cherry Redwine (Blossom)( Source : pinterest )

She is an outstanding stand-up comedian and recently debuted professionally at the World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, and her favorite arena is also comedy.

Maddison Bullock has won awards for her work in the young adult mental health film The Extraordinary Ordinary. 

Max Carpenter as Billy Hellman

Max Carpenter plays Bily Hellamn, he is the film's negative and abusive character who happens to be Cherry's boyfriend.

His character is an abusive partner who uses violence, as well as a serial stalker who will even kill others to obtain what he wants.

Max played the character of the main villain in the movie Blossom 2023
Max played the character of the main villain in the movie Blossom 2023( Source : instagram )

Max was born in Washington, DC, and spent his childhood in the Prince George's County public school system.

He was a member of the country championship-winning Hyattsville Middle School Science Bowl Team.

He traveled to New York City at 17 to pursue his education at New York University Tisch and soon after began working professionally in commercials, TV, theater, and film.

Max Carpenter actor is well-known for depicting villains, such as Jeremy Jones in the television series Law and Order.

Additional cast of the movie include

  • Eva Ceja as Lauren
  • Bridgette Meredith as Bridgette
  • Anthony Jensen as Hank
  • Zoya Johnson as News Reporter
  • Raejon Jones as Jaden Spencer
  • Tank Jones as Sheriff Clay
  • Blue Kimble as Wlt Spencer
  • Shaunte Massard as Cristina
  • Allie McCarthy as Allie Spencer

Blossom Bet Plus Synopsis

Blossom Bet Plus portrays the character Clarrise who has been struggling with depression. She goes to volunteer at a women's shelter and soon found herself working there.

Clarrise slowly cultivates a friendship with domestic abuse survivor named Cherry Redvine (Blossom). She is running away from her abusive husband Billy.

Billy is a stalker and he would commit any crime to find her. The two soon become close to each other and begin to talk during their shifts.

Clarrise realized Cherry was hiding something as they spent more time together and eventually discovered her affair with her husband.

Clarrise couldn't believe that the one time she was likely to trust someone would break it like it was nothing, she was extremely disappointed in everyone and was absolutely broken.

At the same time, the stalker Billy was engaging in aggressive behavior and involved Clarrise's son in order to exact revenge on his girlfriend Cherry Redvine.

Things turn out extremely nasty, some violent scenes, drama, and emotional turbulence happen in the movie at the end. 

Blossom Movie Review And Trailer Breakdown

The Blossom movie review received mixed reactions from critics. The plot revolves around depression, heartbreak, and mental health and how to overcome them.

The movie is a family drama that illustrates the reality of most domestic violence survivors who are still struggling alone.

The film contains some extremely emotional scenes, and anyone who has experienced with depression will be able to relate to the character.

Blossom on bet plus was only able to attract the minimum audience, which is why it has a low IMDB rating.

Those who have seen it, however, have given it positive reviews and recommended it to others.

The plot, summary, and character acting have all done justice to the film.

Blossom 2023 Movie on Bet Plus ( Source : youtube )

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