Is Sion Jenkins Still In Jail Today? Billie Jo Jenkins Murder Case and Foster Family Update

Is Sion Jenkins, Billie Jo Jenkins' Foster father, still in jail today? Learn about the latest recent facts about the murder case that took place in 1997.

The new Channel 5 documentary "Who Killed Bille Jo?" chronicles the story of Bille Jo Jenkins, a 13-year-old foster girl. In 1997, she was slain at her Hastings house.

Sion Jenkins, his adoptive father, was first convicted of guilt but was formally acquitted following two retrials in which the jury was unable to reach a judgment.

But where is he today?

Is Sion Jenkins Still In Jail Today? Billie Jo Jenkins Murder Foster Family

Sion Jenkins is now remarried to millionaire divorcee and former Miss South Seas beauty queen Christina Ferneyhough in 2005 after she wrote to him while he was in prison.

The couple were residing in a $744,425 property in Southsea, Hampshire, at the time.

After serving six years in jail, Jenkins was acquitted of the horrific murder of Billy Joe on February 9, 2006.

He was refused compensation because there was insufficient evidence to show his innocence.

Following his acquittal, Son's ex-wife, Louise, claimed he was abusive to her and their four daughters.

While the couple have been out of the spotlight for a long time, we do know that in 2010, the former deputy headteacher studied criminology at Portsmouth University while his wife worked as a nurse at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

Sion Jenkins Wikipedia

Sion Jenkins is currently 63 years old.

While little is known about his early life, we do know that in 2010, the former deputy headteacher attended Portsmouth University to study criminology.

Jenkins was found guilty in 1997 of the murder of his foster daughter, Bille Jo Jenkins.

However, he was later cleared after two negative retails.

Learn About Sion Jenkins Charges

Sion Jenkins was charged with the murder of killing his 13-year-old daughter in 1998

He was convicted, however, when the jury failed to reach a final conclusion after two days.

He was imprisoned for a total of six years.

Last year, the website Justice for Sion Jenkins stated: "Billie-tale Jo's cannot have a happy ending, but it must have an honest ending."

It urged Sussex Police to restart the investigation and "admit that severe mistakes were committed in 1997."

The forensic evidence will now be re-examined by the police to determine if developments in forensic science might yield fresh evidence or avenues of inquiry.

Furthermore, police have stated that no new material has been presented and that the examination is part of the routine evaluation procedure.

The case is not being reinvestigated. 

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