Biggie Baddies West Zodiac Sign Tells That She Is Loyal

Biggie did elaborate photoshoot to celebrate her birthday in 2022
Biggie did elaborate photoshoot to celebrate her birthday in 2022( Source : instagram )

Biggie Baddies West zodiac sign is Virgo and she celebrates her birthday on September 19. Her zodiac element is earth.

Biggie is one of the rising stars from the show Baddies West. She is also one of the contestants selected out of four auditions.

The first season of the Baddies was held in Atlanta, where the stars from a different season of Bad Girls Club participated.

Since then the show has already completed its second season in Baddies South and now the series has reached Baddies West with new members added. 

The star of the show includes Natalie Nunn, Tommie Lee, Catya "Cat" Washington, Gia "Rollie" Mayhem, Scotlynd "Scotty" Ryan, Monique "Razor" and Biggie.

The internet celebrity Natalie Nunn has been in the series since season 1. 

Biggie Zodiac Sign And Her Zodiac Personality

Biggie from Baddies West zodiac sign is Virgo. Her sign indicates that she is hardworking and loyal towards people she loves.

Virgo comes from the Latin word "Virgin" which represents a young maiden that carries a bundle of wheat.

She is also identified as a fertility goddess from Babylonia or the harvest maiden from Greek mythology. 

According to, these kinds of individuals are very loyal and hardworking. When they are given the opportunity to show their performance in any work, they don't keep any stone unturned. 

They are efficient in whatever work they do. And they are always paying attention even to the most minor details.

According to allure, their logical and practical minds make them very systematic in whatever field they they choose.

These kinds of individuals are well-organized in their life. Their goals and dreams are in perfect order in their minds.

Virgos are also in constant worry if they have missed any clues that will be a problem in the future and impossible to fix. 

Biggie posted a picture with a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day
Biggie posted a picture with a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day( Source : instagram )

Maybe this is one of the reasons for the initiation of the argument started by Biggie against Cat. 

And Biggie being a Virgo, is hardworking, and she has proved that on the show. She came for the audition of Baddies West after flying for six hours from Providence, Rhode Island. 

The star also stated proudly that she earned more than anyone that came for the audition of Baddies West.

Biggie Celebrated Her 26th Birthday In September

Biggie from Baddies West birthday is on 19 September. She was born in 1997 and turned 26 last year in September. 

She has been posting videos about her birthday since 4th September giving hashtags on her birthday Instagram post. 

Her other posted Instagram video revealed that she was doing photoshoots for her birthday.

She was going to celebrate her birthday on 16 September at a club where the VIP tickets had already been sold out.

She was even calling out Chrisean Rock to be on her birthday and stating she will be present for her birthday. 

Biggie on her 26th birthday with a Louis Vuitton bag
Biggie on her 26th birthday with a Louis Vuitton bag( Source : instagram )

Chrisean Rock later responded to her birthday and it was stated on Instagram that she would be hosting Biggie's birthday.

Not only that, but other members of Baddies West were also called for her birthday. The party was held at Lit Lounge in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Her fans reacted to the photo on her Instagram she had taken in her photoshoot with everyone wishing her a happy birthday.

Where is Biggie from Baddies West From?

Biggie from Baddies West is a Rhode Island resident for a long time.

She has a Chow Chow breed of dog with whom she is very close. She also used to own a smoke shop where you could buy bongs and hookahs.

Other than that, she is a big fan of Cardi B. She knew Cardi B before her meteoric rise. 

Biggie joins several other baddies on the new show Baddies West
Biggie joins several other baddies on the new show Baddies West ( Source : instagram )

Before coming for the audition at Baddies West, she was also working as a security guard for Lit Night Club.

She even posted on her Instagram that nightlife is the first security for Rhode Island. Though she only started to work as a security guard in late 2021. 

As of now, she is a reality star, an entrepreneur, a model, an influencer and a host. 

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