Did Bianca Dragusanu Have An Affair? Who Is Boyfriend Tristan Tate Dating Now?

Tristan Tate in a cruise ship
Tristan Tate in a cruise ship ( Source : revolutionaryprogramdesign )

Tristan Tate was dating Romanian TV presenter and journalist Bianca Dragusanu in 2018. Fans suspected Bianca of cheating on Tate when they were together. So, did she have an affair?

Tristan is a well-known superstar with a sizable fan base as a result of his exploits and luxurious lifestyle. Tristan Tate, a former professional fighter, is a well-known personality in Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova, owing to his achievements.

Tate was a former K1 and European Kickboxing champion who competed for the Enfusion Fight Federation. He is the younger brother of former K1 world champion Andrew Tate and the young son of chess icon "Emory Tate."


What Happened Between Tristan Tate and Bianca Dragusanu?

Tristan Tate and Bianca Dragusangu separated in late 2018. The media became aware of his subtle clues in mid-2018, and by the end of the year, everyone was sure that they were no longer together.

Dragusangu's best friend, Răzvan Botezatu, said that she and Tristan Tate are no longer together to romanian media. Shortly later, the British millionaire discussed his separation with the TV personality on a show.

"Bianca is a family lady who abandoned her marriage and child's father for one of Bucharest's craziest playboys. No one should be shocked that things didn't work out between us," Tristan Tate stated in an interview with "Star Magazine." "show.


In the early days of their relationship, the two were open about their feelings for one another. However, they eventually stopped uploading images of each other.

Five years after they are done with each other, social media has started another angle to their break up. Twitter says Tristan and Bianca broke up due to one's affair with someone else. Netizens claim that there was cheating involved in this.

Even though there isn't much known on this part from the few buzzes, a new video circulating in the forefront has to say otherwise. 

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Was Tristan Tate In The New Video?

The inappropriate video on the Internet features a Tate, but this is not Tristan Tate. It features a role play between two people, and the guy is Andrew Tate, Tristan's brother. They look similar, hence the confusion. 

Now people thought this one was Tristan when he was in a severe relationship with Bianca. They started spreading rumors stating that the two broke up because of his affair, which is invalid. 

The problem between the two might have been anything entirely between them. They never addressed what went wrong in the equation, but it is not what people have been talking about now.



Further, the woman's identity with Andrew is unknown even though her face is seen. The comments section is filled with people having different opinions. One of them says that he thinks it's Tristan and not Andrew. To this, another one replies that it was untrue.

Nevertheless, there is a statement-making round on the Internet that is said to be by the unnamed woman. It says that woman is not okay with the video circulating and admits that Andrew was her ex-boyfriend. The intimate moment they shared was from the time they were together. She further says that it was just a game and defends him by saying he was a great guy who could not harm anyone. 

Some FAQs

Who Is Bianca Dragusanu?

Bianca is a Romanian journalist, TV presenter and businesswoman.

Is Bianca Tristan Tate Baby Mama?

No, the Romanian tv presenter is not Tate's baby mama. 

Are Bianca Dragusanu & Tristan Tate Still Together?

No, the couple publicly broke up in late 2018.


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