Who Is Kevin Samuels Mother Beverly Samuels-Burch?

Kevin Samuels, a renowned YouTuber, died on April 5, 2022, and Beverly Samuels-Burch was his mother. Beverly, his mother, was the one who confirmed the claims to the press.

She said she found out about her son's death on social media and doesn't know if it's genuine.

On a phone call, Beverly Samuels-Burch said the following: Putting that out on social media was wrong. She was completely unaware. In a phone conversation on Friday, she said she hadn't been notified. All she's asking is for people to pray for them.

His family has yet to get any information on his death, despite several pals revealing that he is deceased.

Kevin Samuels Mother Confirms Son's Death

Beverly Samuels-Burch, Kevin Samuels' mother, acknowledged his death at 56 to NBC News but refused to say what happened. She claimed she found out about her son's death on social media.

Melanie King, a close friend of self-described guru Samuels, had previously disclosed that she had obtained "family confirmation" that the Modern Women inventor had died.

J. Figuereo, a Georgia cop, has spoken up about how he responded to a call to the apartment where Kevin Samuels was living.

According to them, they received a report regarding a man who had collapsed at his home. According to NBC News, when first responders got on the scene, they were forced to administer CPR on Samuels, who remained unresponsive and died. A woman was present at the time, and she explained that she had just spent the night with Samuels, who had started experiencing chest symptoms the morning of his death.

Among the most upsetting aspects of this news is that it was shared on social media by his mother. According to NBC, Beverly Samuels-Burch was outraged that the information was delivered in such a callous manner.

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Everything To Know About Kevin Samuels Father

Kevin Samuels' father's identity has yet to be revealed in the media, and he has remained silent in the aftermath of his son's death.

It's unclear which ethnicity he belongs to. He prefers to keep his private life to himself. Because he isn't a frequent social media user, there isn't much information on him in the public realm.

Not only his father but also his wife appears to be a mystery. There is currently no information on Kevin's wife or girlfriend on the Internet.

He had previously married twice, according to sources. He hasn't named anyone yet, unfortunately.

On the other hand, Kevin Samuels has a daughter from a prior relationship. Unfortunately, no additional information is presently available.

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