Benjamin Stockham Parents Jim Stockham and Juana Stockham

Benjamin with his dad Jim near a beach in November 2014
Benjamin with his dad Jim near a beach in November 2014( Source : facebook )

Benjamin Stockham was born to parents Jim Stockham and Juana Stockham. Benjamin was raised in La Mesa, California.

Born and raised in La Mesa, California, the 22-year-old actor began his film journey in Quarantine. The role set off a string of appearances on television shows until he got his breakthrough on the FOX comedy series.

The 2010 show talked about the Gunderson brothers and their journey since the passing of their mother and their dad's subsequent prison sentence. 

Sadly, the show did not gain much notoriety, canceled after four episodes. But Benjamin powered ahead, with more guest roles on the small screen before starring as Xander in the NBC family comedy 1600 Penn. 

He also scored parts in the comedy About a Boy and spoke out against bullying in a public service announcement. His success is only a by-product of all the support and encouragement from his dear mom and dad.

Benjamin Stockham Parents

Benjamin Stockham parents Jim Stockham and Juana Stockham moved to Los Angeles for him. Benjamin got raised in La Mesa, California.

Benjamin entered the world on 8 July 2000 with their blessing as he inherited their comedic timing and free-spirited nature. They did not hold him back when he expressed his love for acting, encouraging him to work on his first movie when he was only eight.

The project opened many doors, presenting a national commercial for Fidelity Investment firm. The couple did not blink an eye before moving to Los Angles, where he could stay closer to work while still judging his studies. 

The Stockham family potrait posted on June 21
The Stockham family potrait posted on June 21( Source : facebook )

The youngest got his first job freelancing on an animation project, and he thoroughly enjoyed working on it. The final result is that he was responsible for the Character design and animation of the main characters. The student's project was a hit with 259 views on Youtube.

But he has not entirely let his acting passion go and uploaded his 2022 portfolio in search of exciting gigs. 

His Father Jim Stockham

Benjamin's father is a banker Jim Stockham. He adores animals and fast cars and holds patriotism in his heart. 

After graduating from Grossmont College in 1988, he started a gig at Blockbuster and won the position of district leader. His job entitled him to take responsibility for operations for fifteen Blockbuster locations in San Diego.

According to LinkedIn, he left the post in 2006 after getting an offer from Bank of America. He started as a mere banking canter manager, taking responsibility for the operations of the banking center, including the sales department. After eleven years of nonstop hustling, he finally got promoted to administrative assistant, supporting the Market leaders of the various branches. 

Jim home for the Christmas holidays with his 14 year old son
Jim home for the Christmas holidays with his 14 year old son( Source : facebook )

In 2019, he reached the top of the food chain when he got promoted to business support leader, and he has held the position for the past three years. His employment keeps him occupied, handling and analyzing data while generating reports to provide leadership insight. 

Despite his active day-to-day schedule, he finishes work in time for the holidays and often uploads a cute picture with his adorable son. He seems genuinely happy to be with him as the distance makes their hearts grow fonder.

He does not shy away from promoting Benjamin's projects, doing shameless advertisements, and asking his friends to watch his son's acting on Facebook

Jim promoting his son's show, About a Boy
Jim promoting his son's show, About a Boy( Source : facebook )

His Mother Is Active In Social Media

Benjamin is fortunate to have a mother like Juana Stockham, who has devoted her life to helping him get ahead in his career.

He inherited his love for the performing arts from his mother, who has always wished to write a story that touched people's hearts. In March, she achieved some goals when she entered the Screencraft Family competition and got through to the Quarter Finals.

 While his dad kept busy with his career, his mom left the evening to accompany him on the sets. She was the embarrassingguardian that took photographs of every second of her social meida, even getting a chair dedicated to her. 

Juana has a chair dedicated to her
Juana has a chair dedicated to her( Source : facebook )

Indeed, she has had her hands free since the 22-year-old got sent away to college. We cannot deny that she is his biggest supporter and greatest fan, helping his dreams every step of the way.

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