Meet Baking All the Way Cast Cory Lee, Mikaela Bisson And More

Baking All The Way will premiere on Lifetime
Baking All The Way will premiere on Lifetime ( Source : imdb )

Up until Christmas, Lifetime will be showing festive films! Don't miss Baking All the Way, a Lifetime original film starring Yannick Bisson and Cory Lee.

This is the time of year to unwind on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate, some warm cookies, and all your favorite holiday shows. Fortunately, Lifetime is running a Countdown to Christmas from now until Christmas, screening holiday movies one after another.

The network has added several fantastic movies to its round-up of Christmas movies, one of which is Baking All The Way. But did you know that Hamilton, Canada, served as the actual location for the filming of this movie? Here's everything you need to know about the film, from cast to filming location.

Meet Baking All the Way Cast

Cory Lee (My Grown-Up Christmas List), Yannick Bisson (Anything for Jackson), Mikaela Bisson (Murdoch Mysteries), and Jayne Eastwood (A Tail Of Love) are among the cast members of Baking All the Way. This Lifetime film also stars Darrin Maharaj, Colin Mochrie, Debra McGrath, Vas Saranga, Bianca Sas, & Maria Syrgiannis.

Cory Lee Is Playing Julia Wilson

In the film, Cory Lee plays Julia Wilson, a skilled pastry chef from Chicago who visits a small-town bakery known for its gingerbread to finish writing her holiday cookbook.

Cory is most known for her performances as Miss Oh on Degrassi: The Next Generation and Karma in the tv series Instant Star. At the age of 15, Lee declined a Sony Hong Kong invitation to join the brief girl band Ris-K.

Cory Lee plays Julia Wilson in Baking All The Way
Cory Lee plays Julia Wilson in Baking All The Way ( Source : instagram )

In 2002, Lee joined another group named NRG that was playing in Hong Kong, eager to learn more about her Chinese heritage and to travel. Lee returned home to concentrate on her solo career as the SARS outbreak spread to China.

Her music initially went viral in Canadian clubs, and the radio quickly played her debut hit, "The Naughty Song," which was nominated for a Juno Award. From 2019, Lee played a recurrent character in The Matchmaker Mysteries, a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series.

Yannick Bisson Is Playing Kris Thompson

Kris falls in love with Stevie, portrayed in the film by Yannick Bisson. Bisson, who has amassed more than 60 credits, is well-known to viewers for his many years of service in the role of "William Murdoch" in the Victorian-era detective show Murdoch Mysteries.

Access Hollywood listed him with Vince Vaughn as "one of the six hottest most up-and-coming performers to look out for" while he was in the country.

Bisson made his way back to Canada to take on the lead part of "Richmond Hobson" in the CBC family drama Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy and to play the character of "Brian Tedrow," an attorney, in the critically acclaimed Showtime drama series Soul Food. 

Yannick Bisson plays Kris Thompson in Baking All The Way
Yannick Bisson plays Kris Thompson in Baking All The Way ( Source : instagram )

Additionally, he had a role in the 2010 movie Casino Jack, which had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival and was distributed globally in December 2010 and starred Kevin Spacey, another Oscar® winner.

Bisson, a native of Montreal who currently resides in Toronto, had his big break in 1984 when he was cast in Megan Follows and Rick Moranis' critically acclaimed television film Hockey Night for CBC. After that, he landed the lead part in Toby McTeague, his debut movie, in which he played the movie's titular character.

Mikaela Bisson Is Playing Stevie

Mikaela is portraying Stevie in the movie. However, the details about her character are yet to be known. Mikaela is Yannick Bisson & Chantal Craig's youngest child. It will be exciting to watch this movie because it features both the father and the daughter.

Mikaela Bisson plays Stevie in Baking All The Way
Mikaela Bisson plays Stevie in Baking All The Way ( Source : murdochmysteries )

Prepare yourself to get a few sneak peeks of family in this Christmas movie. Mikaela made appearances in the indie film Albatross, the movie Beginner's Guide to Suicide, and the television series Frankie Drake Mysteries (2017–2021). She graduated in May 2018 from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, after being admitted in 2014.

Jayne Eastwood Is Playing Irene

Judy is most remembered for her roles as Mrs. White in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Judy the Waitress in The Santa Clause, and Anna-Marie Biddlecoff in Finders Keepers (1994). Eastwood began her career as a painter.

She first tried acting when a friend and fellow commercial artist asked her to participate in the local production of Suddenly, Last Summer. A teacher who was later identified as an acting agent in the crowd recognized her potential.

Jayne Eastwood plays Irene in Baking All The Way
Jayne Eastwood plays Irene in Baking All The Way ( Source : instagram )

Eastwood is a veteran character actor who has acted in movies since 1970. Eastwood made an enduring impression on Canadian cinema as the pregnant Betty in Shebib's classic Goin' Down the Road.

She was a semi-regular on SCTV and one of the initial cast members of The Second City's Toronto branch. She participated in the first run of Godspell in Toronto.

Other Cast & Crews 

  • Darrin Maharaj As Chip
  • Debra McGrath As Vicky Weaver
  • Colin Mochrie As Mr. Weaver
  • Vas Saranga As AJ
  • Bianca Sas As Abi
  • Maria Syrgiannis As Delphine

The script was written by Courtney McAllister (A Perfect Match, Christmas in Toyland) and directed by Murdoch Mysteries director Yannick Bisson.

Baking All the Way Filming Locations 

The majority of Baking All The Way was shot in Hamilton, Ontario. Toronto remains the nation's leading production center and one of North America's most essential shooting venues. The area has top-notch facilities, like Pinewood Toronto Studios, a skilled crew pool, and financial incentives for filmmaking. 

According to Tourism Hamilton, this triple-threat region is the second busiest filming location in Ontario because of its fascinating industrial past, abundance of green spaces, and hip urban neighborhoods. The same natural beauty and historic attractions that draw film producers to Hamilton make it an exciting destination for a road trip.

This holiday season, eastern Ontario and Ottawa will dominate small-screen programming. According to CTV News Ottawa, 15-holiday films were recorded in Ottawa in 2022, including six that will play on CTV Life in the upcoming two months.

Hollywood continues to return to the Ottawa area to make Christmas movies because of the area's picturesque scenery, snowy winters, and stunning heritage structures. Therefore, seeing Baking, All The Way will be entertaining because Hamilton makes for a lovely Christmas setting.

Where To Watch Baking All The Way? 

The first episode of Baking All The Way will air on Lifetime on Thursday, November 24, at 8 pm Eastern.

Julia Wilson (Lee) is a pastry chef from Chicago. She is traveling to a little village to visit the bakery and obtain the locals' top-secret gingerbread recipe to finish publishing her Christmas cookbook.

When she arrives, the bakery proprietor, Kris Thompson (Yannick), is unsure whether or not he wants to share his recipe. Will Julia be able to get this recipe and finish her book? Or will she have to engage in combat with the conflicted owner?

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