When Does Baddies East Auditions Come Out? June Release Date Announced

The Bad Girl Club spinoff show Baddie: East has successfully completed its Washington D.C. audition
The Bad Girl Club spinoff show Baddie: East has successfully completed its Washington D.C. audition( Source : instagram )

Baddies East auditions come out on June 18, 2023 at 8 pm EST. Natalie Nunn released the trailer of the show on May 28, 2023.

The American reality series Baddies first premiered on May 16, 2021, on the Zeus Network. It featured cast members from Bad Girls Club.

The show focuses on nine self-proclaimed baddies living in a mansion and documents the interactions between several young women living together.

The Baddies often get involved in verbal and physical fights while hosting a series of promotional events.

There are three seasons released so far. The first season was Baddies ATL and was filmed entirely in Atlanta, Georgia. This was a huge success season.

In the following seasons, Baddies South and Baddies West were shot while on road travels around the United States. The fourth season, Baddies East, was slated to premiere in April 2023.

Some of the Zeus Network show involves The Conversation, Baddies West, Bad Boys: Texas, Joseline' Cabaret, and Baddies South.

When Does Baddies East Come Out?

Baddies East release date has been set for June 18, 2023. The trailer for Baddies East auditions was released last Sunday on Twitter.

The team announced the exact release date via their Twitter account.

The show is creating a huge hype among its fans by releasing provoking trailers and clips from the audition. 

The fans are desperate for the new season of the Baddie franchise and want to know all the baddies already.

In the Twitter thread, they said they are super addicted to the Zeus network show since they have been following it from the beginning.

The Zeus Network has revealed its first trailer, where the contestants were going crazy. There was also a part where the participants were involved in a physical brawl.

Also, the clips of the contestant fighting before they were even auditioning went viral on TikTok as well as on Twitter.

The fans also suggested the team hold an audition in Brooklyn and Queens, as they also wanted to try their luck to be in one of the biggest shows.

The popular Summer Walker was also seen in the audition round of the Baddies. She was there for Tokyo Toni and Chrisean Rock.

When Was Baddies East Auditions?

Baddies East Auditions were held on May 12, 2023, in Washington, D.C. The Zeus Network will also showcase the audition round on television.

The official page of Baddies: West has shared 58 seconds trailer of the Baddies East audition round.

There were thousands of girls who came to audition for the show and some were there to see their favorite celebrities.

In the audition round, the main Judge panel consists of Natalie Nunn, Rubi Rose, and Tokyo Toni.

They will be choosing the one who can be the best baddie for the show among thousands of girls in the audition.

The main judge who select the contestant of the audition was Natalie Nunn, Rubi Rose and Tokyo Toni
The main judge who select the contestant of the audition was Natalie Nunn, Rubi Rose and Tokyo Toni( Source : instagram )

Natalie Nunn is the ultimate baddie who was featured in Bad Girls Club and has been part of the show for a decade.

Similarly, the popular American rapper and social media influencer Rubi Rose is also on the judging panel of Baddies East. 

She mentioned on Instagram Live that she would be there in Washington to audition and does not want to get involved in the fight.

Last but not least, Judge Tokyo Toni is also a part of the judging panel. She is a Dominican-based entrepreneur, vlogger, and social media influencer.

The three judges looked gorgeous and did a lot of interacting with the potential contestants and judged them as per their performance.

The audition round was officially hosted by popular Janeisha John and the special guest was Chrisean and Angela
The audition round was officially hosted by popular Janeisha John and the special guest was Chrisean and Angela( Source : instagram )

Similarly, the Pre-screen Judges of the audition are Rollie, Lo London, Scotty, Ms.Cat, and Biggie. They will judge the contestants and send them to Main Stage Judge.

The Special Guest Angela White aka Blac Chyna and Chrisean Rock made a grand appearance and were seen in the teaser.

Janeisha John is the official host of the Washington audition round.

Baddies East Release Date

Baddie East is said to be released in June 2023. They have successfully completed their audition round in Washington D.C.

Natalie Nunn, the show's executive producer has revealed that they will be auditioning in Miami and finding the perfect baddie for the show.

The Zeus network is looking for strong and bold women with remarkable personalities. They have their chance to impress the judges and be part of the hit show.

The auditions will be filmed and shown on Zeus' official channel, just as in previous seasons. They'll reveal everything, from start to finish about the contestants.

Baddies East trailer was dropped on May 29
Baddies East trailer was dropped on May 29( Source : instagram )

After their new trailer launch, the hit show has again been the talk for a while now, the show has never failed to entertain its audiences.

Also on April 30, 2023, The Zeus Network shared a post that in season four Chrisean Rock's big sister will participate in the show.

The network last aired the Baddies West reunion on May 21, 2023, which means they are all set to provide new tastes and entertainment to the viewers.

So, by looking at the previous season's information, we can make an assumption that this new season Baddies East will probably get released in June.

Just like other seasons, this season will also be premiered on The Zeus Network. The show will consist total of 14 episodes full of dramas and challenges.

The Zeus Network is a leading video-on-demand entertainment network. Along with Zeus Network, the show can be watched on Apple TV+, Roku, and Vudu.

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