Who Is The New Bad Boys Texas Replacement on Zeus?

The Bad Boys Club was first premiered on March 20, 2022. The Season 2 is available to watch on Zeus Network
The Bad Boys Club was first premiered on March 20, 2022. The Season 2 is available to watch on Zeus Network( Source : instagram )

Adonis King of Miami is the new Bad Boys Texas replacement on Zeus. Adonis appeared on Episode 5 on May 21, 2023.

Adonis is a Designer, Artist, and a social media influencer.

He has released some of his songs and he also performs in various clubs, lounges, and bars before coming to the show.

The Zeus Network reality television series Bad Boys Texas first premiered on March 20, 2022. The show is inspired by Baddies Club.

Bad Boys Texas is the show which showcases 12 contestants from the cities of Texas. The contestants need to accept the challenges and compete against each other.

The contestants perform in Texas in some renowned clubs, followed by some dramas. The reality television show is produced by Natalie Nunn. 

The show is exclusively available to watch on the Zeus Network. The subscription for the streaming service is $3.99 per month.

Some of the cast members of the show include Chef Dee, Jonathan Wright, Relly B., Orlando Brown, Ahrah Banga, and Prince Michael.

Who Is The Bad Boys Texas Replacement?

Adnois is the new replacement on Bad Boys Texas. He is a social media influencer, designer, stage performer, and artist.

He recently came into the limelight after appearing in the Bad Boys Texas reality television show. As of now, he is the replacement for the show.

Adnois did audition in Houston in front of Natalie Nunn and other judges. He brought his mother and sister to his audition round of the show.

Some people trolled him for bringing his mother and sister during the audition, but he believed that they were his real supporters and could do anything for him.

On May 3, 2023, Adnois shared an inspiring post on his Instagram, saying, follow your heart no matter what as it is the correct thing to do.

He further added that he was trolled by people that he was going to audition with his sister and mother, but his sister stays with him like a pillar.

The new replacement of the reality show Bad Boys Texas is Adnois Dfetty. He is singer, musician and a social media influencer
The new replacement of the reality show Bad Boys Texas is Adnois Dfetty. He is singer, musician and a social media influencer( Source : instagram )

It was his best decision even though he was not selected as the final cast member, his audition video went viral and became recognizable.

As a result of his viral video, he received a call from the show maker, and now he making his big appearance on the reality show.

The reality star is extremely close with his sister and mother, he also shared a picture with them, saying family is over everything.

His mother is the CEO of the boutique company name The Swagger Room. His sister's name is Shirdkiya, and she is the mother of one daughter.

Adonis Bad Boys Age and Birthday

Adonis Bad Boy Club celebrates his birthday on January 21. His astrological sign as per his birth date is Aquarius.

He recently shared an album celebrating his birthday in a club with all his friends. His friends are excited to know the traits of January-born Aquarius.

The symbol of Aquarius is Water Bearer which represents their tendency to be focused on humanity and pour out their vision for a better and brighter future.

The element of the sign is air, which makes them progressive, original, independent, and humanitarian. They also got temperamental issues and emotional expression.

The personalities who are born on January 21 are quick-witted, extroverted, and curious about everything. They have a huge heart.

Per Astroyogi, an Aquarius man is very unpredictable like the flow of air. They can be both sweet and ignorant according to the situation.

They keep their family and friends close to them and maintain a great relationship with them as their family is the source of strength.

The renowned influencer Adnois celebrates his birthday on February 21, his Zodiac sign is Aquarius
The renowned influencer Adnois celebrates his birthday on February 21, his Zodiac sign is Aquarius( Source : instagram )

Since Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which means that they are inclined to innovation and are big thinkers and are overly analytical.

One of their basic traits includes being rebellious, unique, and spontaneous. They are also dominant and moody in their professional and personal life.

Aquarius men are mostly compatible with signs like Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. They want to stay around with those who can teach them something new.

The people born on January 21 are usually happy and content with their life. They are also likely to be successful in terms of finances.

They have this stubborn nature, if they made minds about something, then there is no going back. They also have a hard time understanding people from a different perspective.

Aquarians always need plenty of space and time to reflect, make new ideas and plan things for themself. For them, freedom is the ultimate goal.

Fans Are Impatient For His Entry Into The Show

The fans of Bad Boys Texas are extremely impatient to know about the new guy who made a replacement in the show.

There is a thread on Twitter about this new Bad Boy. As of now, they got a hint that Adnois is the new cast member of the show.

Some of the fans were excited to see the new face in the show while some did not want any more contestants In Bad Boys Texas.

They want to see more of the old contestant's dramas and what new they can offer to the show by being on it.

The audience of the reality show loved his entry on the show, he fought as soon as he walked into the show to make his big appearance.

The contestant Chef Dee and Jonathan were ready to fight with the new replacement as shown in the last episode.

The fans were surprised to see Johnathan getting hyperactive and speculated that he has a problem with this new contestant.

They were praising the producer of the show Natalie as she brings the perfect twists and turns in the show.

Natalie perfectly knows the required changes that need to make the show more entertaining to the audience.

Bad Boys Texas Season 2 episode 6 will air on May 28, 2023. In that particular episode, they revealed the new replacement for the show.

As per the Twitter thread comment, Adonis is the replacement for the contestant Anthony Hernandez.

Anthony is an event planner, television personality, and digital creator in the reality television show for five episodes.

The fans are speculating Adonis's entry into the show could change the entire dynamic as he was seen fighting during his entry time.

Also, the contestants were enjoying the shows and had created a safe space now but the new replacement could be a threat to them.

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