Ayden Mekus Age, Who Is He? Find His Instagram Birthday Pics & Parents
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Ayden Mekus is popular as a cast of The Lilac Thief and Mr. Strange. He is young as well as a talented actor. He is passionate about photography and posing for photos. Coming into acting and modeling was due to his love for the cameras.

He has acted in a few movies. In addition to this, we can also see him in a few commercials. Acting and dancing make him happy.

Ayden Mekus Age: 14

Ayden was born on August 2, 2005, in California. Now he has become 14 years old, and he recently celebrated his birthday. He looked so happy about celebrating his birthday with friends and family. Also, he has posted beautiful pictures of his birthday.

Ayden Mekus: Who is he?


Ayden is a young artist in the movie industry. His mom and dad encouraged him to do better in life. He is the only son of his family.

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In fact, Ayden is a skillful young boy. He can sing, dance, play basketball and of course, act. He started his professional career from a short movie, Chocolate chips Cookies, in the year 2018. Besides this, he has acted in four other movies.

The movies are:

  • The Lilac Thief ( As Max Grainger, the lead boy, January 2018)
  • Utensils(As Evan, supporting actor, March 2018)
  • Critical candle (As a lead boy, Jack, July 2018)
  • El Fred (Owen, November 2018)

In addition to this, he has also performed a hip-hop dance in Winter Wonderland Production in 2017, December.

Instagram Pictures from Ayden’s Birthday

Ayden Mekus himself posted a picture of him on his birthday. This was the first post from his side for that day.

Later on the 5th of August, his Instagram had few pictures from the celebration, for the fans to enjoy.

The first set of pictures from that day had him and his friends together.

Also, it did not stop there. He kept posting more of them. They were definitely enjoying the day.

Finally, he said GOODBYE to the day posting pictures with his family. He showed gratitude towards his family for being supportive.

Who are Ayden’s parents?

For a 15-year-old boy, his mother still is everything. Aden keeps posting his mom’s pictures on Twitter and Instagram. Also, it seems like they shower each other with lots of love.


In spite of that, her name is unknown as of now. Similarly, there are no details about his father. Ayden looks like his mom’s favorite. Also, mom is his favorite too.

Ayden’s Height and weight

Ayden Mekus has got an average height for his age. Ayden possesses a height of 5 feet and 4 inches.

He requires 9 numbered shoes. He has an athletic body. Though his body weight is not available, we can predict it to be around 48-58 kgs, for his age.

He has brown hair and a pair of blue eyes.

Ayden also has a YouTube channel, where he has posted some of his vlogs. One of the short movies he has acted in spreads a good lesson. We can see a poor boy wishing to have what the rich ones have. This movie is entertaining as well as knowledge providing.