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Pastor Bob Joyce Age - How Old Is He? Conspiracy Theories Claim He Is Elvis Presley

By Sandip Gyawali | August 28, 2022

65 years old, Pastor Bob Joyce didn't think he would become viral and got linked with Elvis Presley. People are firing social media posts of thinking Bob as an impersonator of "The King of Rock and Roll" and "one of the most important cultural figure...


Who Are Milly Alcock Parents? Australian Actor and Her Childhood In Australia As She Shines In House Of The Dragon

By Sandip Gyawali | August 24, 2022

Milly Alcock was living with her parents in Sydney, struggling to pursue her career until she was announced as the cast of House of the Dragon. When she got a single episode role in the Wonderland TV series in 2014, Milly would have imagined a breakt...

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Costeen Hatzi Nationality and Ethnicity, Is Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend Greek?

By Sandip Gyawali | July 10, 2022

Australian national Nick Kyrgois proposed to his girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi, after New York Open in 2022. 21 years old, Hatzi was born in Queensland, Australia - and yes, she is not a Greek national! Nick's partner Hatzi is a loved Instagram influence...

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Who Is Daz Black Dating? His New Girlfriend On Instagram- Where Is He From?

By Sandip Gyawali | March 6, 2022

Netizens claim Daz Black has got a new girlfriend in 2022. On his Instagram posts, they have stormed the internet with the question "who." Also known as Daz Games, he is a famous influencer who was together with Soheila "Soso" Clifford. The couple an...