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Amelie Zilber Brother Emmanuel Zilber Is A Harvard-Westlake School Graduate

By Roshni Budhathoki | January 23, 2023

Amelie Zilber brother Emmanuel Zilber is a University of Chicago student. Amelie attended Emmanuel high school graduate program in 2019. The American model and a social media influencer are best known for sharing her fashion and modeling-based photos...


Who Plays Erik Hakansson In The Archers This Week?

By Roshni Budhathoki | January 20, 2023

Steven Hartley plays Erik Hakansson in The Archers. Erik is the new character in the show and the brother of Jacob Hakansson. The Archer is a British soap opera which broadcast on BBC Radio 4. The show has been running since 1951. It has aired over 1...


Love Island's Tom Clare Macclesfield Salary As A Footballer

By Roshni Budhathoki | January 19, 2023

Tom Clare Macclesfield salary is £800 per week as a semi-professional footballer. Tom also makes money from his career as a Love Island contestant. The reality TV star and footballer gained much fame after his announcement to be on Love Island....


Alesia Delaney The Bachelor Is A Real Estate Agent From NSW

By Roshni Budhathoki | January 18, 2023

Alesia Delaney the Bachelor is a real estate agent from New South Wales. Alesia is among the 30 contestants of the new season. The reality TV star is a real estate agent from Sydney. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches, and she weighs around 48 kg...


Here Is What Happened To Karen Refaeli After Bridezillas

By Roshni Budhathoki | January 17, 2023

Yes, Karen Refaeli from Bridezillas is still married to her husband Lee Simons. Karen and Lee have been together for 10 years now. Karen now uses her husband's surname, Karen Simons. The couple seems to live life together in one of the cities in New ...

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Emmy Rossum Parents Raised Her As A New York Baby

By Roshni Budhathoki | January 13, 2023

Emmy Rossum parents separated when her mother Cheryl Rossum was pregnant with her. Emmy lived with Cheryl in New York City. The American actress was born on September 12, 1986. She is known for her role as Fiona Gallagher in the TV series Shameless w...

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John Reeves Daughters Jewelry Business Is Gold Like The Gold Daughters

By Roshni Budhathoki | January 11, 2023

John Reeves daughters jewelry businesses 'Explora Designs' and 'Gold Daughters' are booming. John has two children Jordan Reeves and Ilaura Reeves. The TV personality is an Alaskan gold miner. He revealed he is a self-made millionaire and one of Alas...


Sara Waisglass and Leighton Meester Might Look Alike But They Are Not Related

By Roshni Budhathoki | January 11, 2023

Sara Waisglass and Leighton Meester are not related to each other but they sure look like each other. Leighton is who Sara reminds her fans of. They both are celebrities and are from the entertainment industry. Although they both are successful in th...


How Old Is The New Jeopardy Champ Ray Lalonde?

By Roshni Budhathoki | January 8, 2023

Ray Lalonde on Jeopardy is 50 years old and was born in 1970 in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He was raised alongside his twin brother Ron Lalande. The TV personality has made his appearance on the Jeopardy game show. He there won 12 games straight in a row....


Facts To Know About Bump Cast Camilo Scheihing Navarrete

By Roshni Budhathoki | January 1, 2023

Camilo Scheihing Navarrete is a cast member of Bump which aired on January 2021. Camlo has portrayed the role of Gabriel Hernandez. The Australian comedy-drama series revolves around a woman who gains weight and later discovers she is pregnant. She m...