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Kushal Katuwal is a Kathmandu-based content writer and lifelong learner with an ongoing curiosity to learn new things. He uses that curiosity, combined with his experience at work. He is currently working with KPO and Company Pvt. Ltd.

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Hipon Girl: Herlene Budol Had A Plastic Surgery Or Not- Before And After Transformation Photos

By Kushal Katuwal | April 26, 2022

Helene Budol appeared to be different from her makeup photos, and her fans speculated that she had plastic surgery and Rhinoplasty.  Budol is a Filipino comedian who is currently breaking the news because of her plastic surgery. However, she ha...


Who Is Brandon Rolfe From Syracuse NY? Armory Square Shooting Suspect Arrested

By Kushal Katuwal | April 20, 2022

 Brandon Rolfe was captured on Tuesday at Armory Square in Syracuse, NY, for a gunshot that killed one person and wounded other four early Saturday morning.   A 24-year-old man was found dead after being carried to a local hospital. On...

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Adam Chowdhary Hale Barns Parents And Family, Yousef Makki Stabbing Case Documentary

By Kushal Katuwal | January 1, 0001

Who are Adam Chowdhary's parents?  Adam from Hale Barns was the best friend of Joshua Molnar, who stabbed Yousef Makki to death.  The new video Killed By A Rich Kid tells the story of three young boys, Joshua Molnar, Adam, and the sufferer...


Is Kid Cudi Married? His Hand Tatto Details- Crop Top And Hat Brings His New Hip-Hop Era

By Kushal Katuwal | January 1, 0001

Is Kid Cudi Married? What details do his hand tattoos provide? Find everything about his relationship status, children, and net worth in the article below.  Kid Cudi is a rapper, singer, songwriter, music producer, and actor from the United Sta...


Who Are Sofie Dossi Parents Mike Dossi And Abir Dossi? His Brother & Family Details

By Kushal Katuwal | January 1, 0001

Sofie Dossi was born to parents Mike Dossi and Abir Dossi. Continue reading to know more about her brother and parents' Instagram in the article below.  Dossi is a cartoonist, Youtuber, and Gymnast from the U.S. Sofia received the golden buzzer...


How Old Is Lucrezia Bertini? Wikipedia Details On The Actress

By Kushal Katuwal | January 1, 0001

Lucrezia Bertini is an Italian actress who is renowned for playing in silent films. Please continue reading to know more about her age, Wikipedia, and partner in detail.  She was also the most well-known outside Italy. Many of her films, mostly...

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Who Are Jim Strasburg And Kathleen Swett? Details To Know About Stephen Strasburg Parents

By Kushal Katuwal | January 1, 0001

Baseball pitcher Stephen Strasburg was born to parents Jim Strasburg and Kathleen Swett. Know about origin and ethnicity in the article below.  Stephen Strasburg is an American baseball pitcher who presently plays for the Washington Nationals o...

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Dj Isa Video On Twitter & Reddit, Why Is The Video Trending On Social Medias?

By Kushal Katuwal | January 1, 0001

Dj Isa is currently trending all over Twitter and Reddit after a Twitter user named @terrordoestadoy leaked her private video.  A Twitter user named @terrordoestadoy is trending on Twitter as he shared the private video of Dj Isa. People are tr...

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Who Is Demetrius Montgomery And Where Is He Now? Latisha Bargaineer Murder Case On 'Fatal Attraction'

By Kushal Katuwal | January 1, 0001

 Latisha Bargaineer, a 29-year-old woman from Detroit was found crushed to death by her boyfriend. The crime thriller is aired on a national level. Her boyfriend Demetrius Montgomery, with whom she had had an on-again, off-again relationship fo...


Gladbeck Hostage Crisis: Who Is Bank Robber Hans Jürgen Rösner And Where Is He Today 2022?

By Kushal Katuwal | January 1, 0001

Two armed robbers held the German police at bay for 54 hours throughout the hostage-taking drama that ended in a shootout and three deaths in 1988.  Dieter Degowski and Hans-Jürgen Rösner went into a Deutsche Bank branch in 1988, in G...