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Asha Kamali seems to be a middle-aged woman looking at her online pictures but the details about her age are unknown as there is no information related to her birthday and anything concerning her age on the internet.

Asha Kamali Height

Asha Kamali looks alright and she might be tall but the exact details about her height and body measurement are not spread all over the media. Maybe she does not want anyone to measure her worth in terms of her height. Understandable, right?

Asha Kamali Wiki


Asha Kamali is involved in many different things and she seems to enjoy all these different interests equally but more impressive is that she has done a great job at all those things. She is an actor, producer, and writer.

Asha is involved in the show “Married To Medicine” which is a reality show that stars partners of medical professionals. Moreover, she is also involved in creating a web series named “Milk and Honey” which poses a question if dreams can ever expire. She has also given opportunities to other driven African American women to create her web series.

Asha Kamali Boyfriend

Asha Kamali is currently married but even before her marriage, there were no rumors concerning her boyfriend. So, the details surrounding her boyfriend were never that much of “talk of the town” news.

Asha Kamali Husband –Dr. Larry Blankinship

Asha has been married to Dr. Larry Blankship for a fairly short time now and their relationship seems to be going all fine since they share their pictures over the social media sites regularly. Larry is a psychiatrist specializing in patients with pinched nerves on their back and neck.

Asha Kamali Net Worth

The exact details about her net worth are unknown to the world. Maybe she is really selective when it comes to handling her fame and social life and maintaining an image in the public eye because she is only known for her work and nothing else.

But her neet worth seems to be fine judging upon the quality of dresses she wears and a glimpse of her private life she has shared to the world.

Asha Kamali Nationality and Ethnicity

Asha Kamali is now an American citizen but she still holds her Swahili name. Her ethnic background belongs to the wild and beautiful Africa because she is from Swahili. Her name apparently means “Protective spirit of life”. Such a cool name to have, isn’t it?

Asha Kamali Trivia

Asha Kamali is also involved in a production company named as “Brown Paper Dolls” and has also worked with a big name such as Idris Elba.

She is former Miss Howard University and also a finalist in the Miss DC-USA Pageant. Seems like she really was interested a lot in beauty pageants right?