Aseel Al Hamad Age- How Old Is The Female Formula One Race Car Driver From Saudi Arabia?

Aseel Al Hamad's actual age could be between 30-35 years old, judging by her images and career available on the internet. Follow the article to learn more about the first female F1 racer from Saudi Arabia. 

Aseel Al Hamad's career is not in motorsports instead she is an interior designer and engineer, but Hamad is a dedicated motorsport enthusiast from Saudi Arabia. With her dedication, she has become the first Saudi Arabian woman to drive an F1 car in Saudi Arabia according to Formula 1. 

Al Hamad is a member of the International Automobile Federation, which nominated her to represent Saudi Arabia at the Women in Motorsport Commission.

She was the first Saudi Arabian woman to import and possess a Ferrari. She became the first woman to serve on the board of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation (SAMF) in December 2017.

Let us learn more about Aseel Al Hamad and take a closer look at her age and husband. 

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Aseel Al Hamad Age: How Old Is The F1 Racer?

Aseel Al Hamad could be between the age group of 30-35 years old, judging by her images and career. 

However, she has not revealed her actual age or her date of birth on the internet or to her social media followers yet. 

Hamad graduated from Prince Sultan University with a degree in interior design engineering back in the year 2009. 

With her efforts and dedication, Aseel wants to inspire young women into becoming professional race car drivers in the future and she wants them to consider racing as a career choice. 

Who Is Aseel Al Hamad Husband?

Aseel Al Hamad has not introduced her husband on the internet or to her followers as of now. 

In fact, she has not given any accounts about her relationship status or her married life to the general public. 

If Hamad is a married woman, then her husband must be very supportive and proud of her as she has several records under her belt for becoming the first woman in Saudi Arabia. 

However, Aseel's love for motorsports is what she is known today around the world. Her works have been praised by English F1 racer Lewis Hamilton as well according to Style

She has not spilled the beans about her dating life or her boyfriend as well. She seems to be a reserved personality when it comes to the romantic side of her life. 

What Is Aseel Al Hamad Net Worth?

Aseel Al Hamad’s net worth might be over $5 million as of 2022. 

However, she has never revealed anything about her actual net worth yet. 

Similarly, we can suspect her major source of income as her career as a professional interior designer and entrepreneur. 

Nonetheless, we are trying to verify her actual net worth as you read this article and the verified amount will be published soon. 

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