Kenan Thompson Is Reportedly Dating 19 Year Old Aria Lisslo

Kenan Thompson, performing here in June, hosted the Emmy Awards
Kenan Thompson, performing here in June, hosted the Emmy Awards( Source : cnn )

American actor Kenan Thompson has a new rumored girlfriend Aria Lisslo who is only 19 years old.

Thompson, best known for his time as an NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live cast member, raised eyebrows when he got seen with a teenager.

Indeed, he created Ultimate Comedy Experience to sieve out the best talent in the scene, with the winner taking home winning a trip to NYC with none other than Kenan as their host.

They also score a showcase at the World Famous Caroline’s Comedy Club, with other amazing prizes in store.

The end decision is in the audience's hands, as they can arrive at the Summit City Comedy Club on December 4th to vote who made them laugh the most.

How Old Is Kenan Thompson's Rumored Girlfriend Aria Lisslo?

Aria Lisslo, the rumored girlfriend to SNL veteran Kenan Thompson is 19 years old, whereas her boo is 44.

The age gap of 25 years caused disapproval, but the two have kept silent on the matter, neither confirming nor denying the raging headlines. 

According to websites, the lady in question is a budding pop singer named Aria Lisslo and has a few records under her name. But the pair are not refusing their close bond, with Kenan telling his confidants that he is mentoring the blonde artist.

It seems their teacher-student relationship exceeds just cordial conversations as they have gotten spotted at theme parks, concerts, and fashion shows, glowing with smiles and laughter. 

A Reddit post confirmed the conjectures on the first day of December, coming in with evidence of them handing out together.

Aria Lisslo performing Baby's All Right in August
Aria Lisslo performing Baby's All Right in August( Source : instagram )

Since then, they have been posting each other on social media, with her showing off the gifts that she got from him and coming to her live performances to cheer her on from the VIP seats. 

That is not all, as he hosted her latest birthday dinner.

Some paparazzi have confessed to securing video footage of the couple ice skating while holding hands, while the Saturday Night Live team is telling the media they are nothing more than friends. 

Who Is Aria Lisslo?

Aria Lisslo is a nineteen-year-old artist making her way in the R&B/Soul genre.

With almost a thousand monthly listeners on her Spotify, she is about to be the next breakthrough artist, with her songs getting hundred thousand streams.

Born and raised in New York, she belonged to a musical family. Her childhood got painted with tunes with soul, hip-hop, classic rock, and Taylor Swift playing on her iPod 24/7. 

Aria and Kenan have developed a close friendship in the last month
Aria and Kenan have developed a close friendship in the last month( Source : instagram )

After graduation, she was ready to open her wings, making her debut with the smash hit, Won’t U Be in 2020.

But her lesser-known identity is as a songwriter, with Songhall inaugurating her in the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Kenan Thompson Recently Divorced His Wife Christina Evangeline

In June, people woke up to the horrifying news of comedian-actor Kenan Thompson divorcing her wife, Christina Evangeline. 

They had been dating for about four years before officiating the ceremony at Georgia Aquarium in 2011, a place with sentimental value. 

Over the years, his divided worlds made him fly between Los Angeles and The Big Apple, but he was always a good father to his two kids, Georgia and Giann.

Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline married in 2011 and share two children and divorced in 2022
Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline married in 2011 and share two children and divorced in 2022( Source : people )

In a report by TMZ, Thompson officially filed for a divorce from the model-turned-interior designer after eleven years of marriage. 

The relationship had run its course, with the pair living separately for a while before filing the legal documents.

Thankfully, they had no bad blood, simpling growing apart when their working schedules became too demanding.

Kenan Thompson Ex-Wife Christina Evangeline Found Love With Chris Redd

Ex-spouses Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline did not take long before finding love, as Evangeline is dating Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Redd.

According to US Weekly, the pair began dating around January, as they met before Chris's entrance on SNL. 

They had been friends for years, being her shoulder to cry on when things went south with her ex-partner. The moment of venerability sparked a romance with Christina stating she was the happiest she had ever been.

Meanwhile, Keana has no problem with her romances, candidly saying he wished her nothing but happiness as the mother of his children. 

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