Are Toast And Miyoung Dating? Holding Hands Photos Sparks Rumors

Jeremy Wang aka toast streaming
Jeremy Wang aka toast streaming ( Source : dotesports )

Fans are curious to know the relationship between streamers  Miyoung and Disguised Toast. Their bond is one of the gaming community's most hotly debated topics. So are Miyoung and Toast dating?

Jeremy Wang, also known as Disguised Toast, is a Taiwanese-Canadian streamer, YouTuber, and Internet personality.

Miyoung Kim, also known on Twitch as kkatamina or Mina, is a Twitch streamer who was named the "Most subbed female twitch streamer" in 2021.

Miyoung and Disguised Toast are two of the most well-known members of the gaming community.

People are assuming that they are in a relationship since they were photographed holding hands and the photographs were shared on Reddit.

Are Toast And Miyoung Dating? Holding Hands Photos On Reddit

Both Jeremy and Miyoung have declared on prior streams that they are simply friends, but many are guessing that they are dating.

Toast and Miyoung have made frequent appearances on each other's broadcasts and have done some lovely and funny things together. 

Toast has angered Miyoung's dog so much that she has had to ask him to stop.

She returned by sending him a present wrapped in layers upon layers of duct tape for Christmas, demonstrating that the gift was not worth all of Toast's work. Miyoung even sent him something to wear on a recent stream, which Toast couldn't wrap his head around.

It was hilarious to see Toast figure out how to use the gift Miyoung had sent him.



Even a casual observer can see that she and Toast have excellent chemistry in their respective fields. Perhaps fans are overly eager to see both personalities interact with one another.

Toast And Miyoung Age

Disguised Toast age is now 31 years old, and Miyoung is now only 27 years old.

Miyoung and Disguised Toast have an age gap of about four years apart. Toast was born in 1991 and celebrated his birthday on November 25th, whilst Miyoung was born on November 9th, 1995.


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Jeremy Wang is among Twitch's most well-known users. However, this was not always the case. He previously worked as an app developer for firms such as Mercedes-Benz and the NFL.

He was a big fan of Blizzard's hit digital collectible card game, Hearthstone, when he was younger. He began making YouTube videos about it in his spare time, the first of which can be found in 2015.

Toast And Miyoung Relationship Explored

Toast And Miyoung's relationship could be explored more, as they seem to have mixed feelings for each other. 

They have been seen together in the stream and have been getting along for a long time. 

For now, it is hard to say if they are a couple or not, as they have never talked about their relationship in online media. Many have said that they are couples, and some are saying that it is just for publicity. 

Some FAQs

Are Toast And Miyoung Dating?

As of now, it is not confirmed that the streamers are dating.

How Old Is Miyoung?

Miyoung is 27 years old and she was born in 1995.

How Old Is Disguised Toast?

Disguised Toast is 31 years old. He was born in 1991.

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