Are Maika Monroe and Marilyn Monroe Related To Each Other or Is It Just The Surnames?

Maika Monroe: Is American Actress Reated To Marilyn Monroe
Maika Monroe: Is American Actress Reated To Marilyn Monroe( Source : distractify )

Although Maika Monroe and Marilyn Monroe share similar surnames, the American actress Maika is not related to Marilyn. 

Despite having a similar last stage name, fans might be dishearted to see that Maika Monroe is not associated with the fantastic American entertainer Marilyn Monroe.

Maika Monroe is an American actress and professional kitesurfer named Dillon Monroe Buckley. Her mother had a dearest companion named Maika; thus, her mother considered naming her Maika but instead chose Dillon.

Are Maika Monroe and Marilyn Monroe Related To Each Other?

Although Marilyn and Maika share the same surname, admirers might be sad to realize that Marilyn Monroe is not related to Maika Monroe, as we know that Maika lawfully changed her name after she grew fond of the name Maika.

Monroe grew fond of the name Maika after a certain story she heard in her childhood , and subsequently, she thought Maika was a superior fit. Later she lawfully changed her name to Maika Monroe.

On the other hand, Marilyn Monroe's genuine name was Norma Jeane Mortenson, and later she became famous by her stage name Marilyn Monroe. 

According to sources, Marilyn Monroe did not conceive any offspring while she was alive but was claimed to have various nephews and nieces. However, not a single one of them in any way can be linked to Maila.

Marilyn Monroe Family Tree Explored 

Marilyn Monroe's real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson; she was born on June 1, 1926. Her career in modeling blossomed at age 20. And later, she adapted her mother's maiden name Marilyn Monroe as her stage name.

Growing up, Marilyn had a tragic childhood and was married at the young age of 16. However, she became one of the most well-known and in-demand actresses in 1950.


The actress spent most of her childhood in foster homes as her mother battled mental illness. But, according to sources, Marilyn did not know much about Monroes, as her maternal grandfather died when her mother was just 7, and her grandmother died when she was just one year old.

According to the records on ancestry, her mother, Gladys Pearl Monroe, was born in Piedras Negra (at that time Porfirio Diaz), Coahuila, Mexico, to her parents, Otis and Della Monroe. On the Mexican civil birth registration records, Otis's parents are named Jacob, and Mary Monroe and Della's parents are Filford and Jene Hogan.

Who Are Maika Monroe's Parents?

Maika Monroe's parents are Jack Buckley and Dixie Buckley. The couple gave birth to Maika on May 29, 1993, in Santa Barbara, California. Her father worked as a development specialist, and her mother was known to be a communication translator.

Before pursuing her career as an entertainer, Maika was an expert kitesurfer. The American entertainer claims she grew fond of kiteboarding after her dad took her to Puerto Rico for their first kitesurfing visit when she was thirteen.

After changing her career as an entertainment artist in 2012, Maika has been credited with 25 film projects. Additionally, she has appeared in four television programs and won five awards out of eight nominations, including the Home Media Magazine Awards and the Hamptons International Film Festival and

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