Are Latisha And Marsau From 'Love & Huntsville' Getting A Divorce?

Gossips are spreading about Latisha and Marsau getting a divorce. However, they have not confirmed anything with their followers yet.

Marsau Scott, whom LaTisha met in college and married on September 2, 2006, is her husband.

They share ownership of the Blaque Cigar Lounge in Huntsville, Alabama. The Blaque Cigar Lounge has a distinct appeal for both male and female cigar enthusiasts.

Both Latisha and Marsau are successful in their fields. LaTisha Scott is a commercial real estate developer and television personality from the United States.

Marsau Scott began his professional life as a general commercial contractor. Among other things, he does new construction, remodels, and renovations.

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Latisha and Marsau Cheating Rumors In Detail

Marsau has long been plagued by suspicions of infidelity with his wife, LaTisha. Martell Holt recently accused him of cheating on his wife with another lady, but he afterward recanted the charge.

Martell said that he lied about Marsau cheating on his wife. According to the study released by Urban Belle, both Marsau and Martell have moved on from that time.

As a result, it appears that the charge was false.

Arionne has accused both Marsau and his brother of cheating on their partners, according to Urban Belle, and she claims she witnessed it. However, she has no proof to back up her allegation.

Both brothers refuted her accusation and declared that they were committed to their spouses.

What Is Latisha And Marsau Baby Name?

According to a Wiki source, Marsau and his wife Latisha have three children.

These three children are named Marsau Jr, Maci, and Mila. The whole clan is in the spotlight.

There are rumors that he had a child from his extramarital affair, but these are just hearsays. No proof has ever been offered to back up these allegations.

As a result, these rumors are most likely the sole fake that surrounds television celebrities.

No question, rumors like this benefit the program since they engage and attract more viewers.

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